Rad Review Easy Part 5

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  1. What is the approximate ESE for the average upright PA chest radiograph using 115 kVp and a grid?
    20 mrad
  2. Which unit of exposure is described as 100 ergs of energy per gram of irradiated absorber?
  3. Place the following tissues into order from lowest weighting factor (Wt) to highest weighting factor
    Bone marrow
    • Skin
    • Breast
    • Lung
    • Bone marrow
  4. Which of the following anomalies is (are) possible if an exposure dose of 40 rad (400 mGy) were delivered to a pregnant uterus in the third week of pregnancy?
    Organ anomaly
  5. The recommendation of "elective booking"
    states that elective abdominal radiographic examinations on women of reproductive age should be limited to the
    10 days following the onset of menses
  6. The contraction and expansion of arterial walls in accordance with forceful contraction and relaxation of the heart are called
  7. What unit of measurement expresses the amount of energy deposited in tissue?
    Rad (Gy)
  8. Which of the following interactions between x-ray photons and matter involves a high-energy photon and the ejection of an outer shell electron?
    Compton scatter
  9. Which of the following illustrates the inverse square law?
    Distance is a most effective protection from radiation
  10. Aluminum filtration has its greatest effect on
    low-energy x-ray photons
  11. Which of the following legal phrases defines a circumstance in which both the health care provider's and the patient's actions contributed to an injurious outcome?
    Contributory negligence
  12. Which of the following barium-filled anatomic structures is best demonstrated in the LPO position?
    Hepatic flexure
  13. An advantage of coupling the image intensifier to the TV camera or CCD via a fiber-optic coupling device is its
    • compact size
    • durability
  14. Which projection of the foot will best demonstrate the longitudinal arch?
    Lateral weight-bearing
  15. Place the following structures into order from superior to inferior.
    Gastroesophageal junction
    Incisure angularis
    • Fundus
    • Gastroesophageal junction
    • Incisure angularis
    • Pylorus
  16. For which of the following conditions is operative cholangiography a useful tool?
    • Patency of the biliary ducts
    • Biliary tract calculi
  17. Low-kv exposure factors usually are indicated for radiographic examinations using
    • water-soluble, iodinated media
    • negative contrast agent
  18. Which of the following radiation exposure responses exhibit a nonlinear threshold dose-response relationship?
    • Skin erythema
    • Hematologic depression
    • Lethality
  19. A 15% decrease in kilovoltage accompanied by a 50% increase in milliampere-seconds will result in a(n)
    shorter scale of contrast
  20. The ionization chamber is located _____ the IR
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