Verb meanings

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  1. Gustar
    to like
  2. Ser
    to be
  3. Tener
    to have
  4. Abrir
    to open
  5. Aprender
    to learn
  6. Comer
    to eat
  7. Comprar
    to buy
  8. Comprender
    to understand
  9. Contestar
    to answer
  10. Correr
    to run
  11. Creer
    to believe
  12. Enseñar
    to teach
  13. Escribir
    to write
  14. Esperar
    to wait for, to hope
  15. Estar
    to be
  16. Estudiar
    to study
  17. Hablar
    to speak
  18. Leer
    to read
  19. Llegar
    to arrive
  20. Necesitar
    to need
  21. Preguntar
    to ask (a question)
  22. Preparar
    to prepare, to get ready
  23. Recibir
    to recieve
  24. Regresar
    to return
  25. Terminar
    to finish, to end
  26. Tomar
    to take, to drink
  27. Trabajar
    to work
  28. Usar
    to use
  29. Vivir
    to live
  30. Bailer
    to dance
  31. Caminar
    to walk
  32. Escuchar música
    to listen to music
  33. Hacer ejercicio
    to exercise
  34. Ir de compras
    to go shopping
  35. Jugar
    to play (a sport)
  36. Montar en bicicleta
    to ride a bike
  37. Nadar
    to swim
  38. Patinar
    to skate
  39. Tocar un instrumento
    to play an instrument
  40. Tomar el sol
    to sunbathe
  41. Ver la televisión
    to watch TV
  42. Conocer
    to be acquainted with
  43. Dar
    to give
  44. Decir
    to say, to tell
  45. Hacer
    to do, to make
  46. Oír
    to hear
  47. Poder
    to be able to
  48. Poner
    to put, to place
  49. Querer
    to want, to love
  50. Salir
    to leave, to go out
  51. Traer
    to bring
  52. Venir
    to come
  53. Ver
    to see
  54. Arregular
    to straighten up, to fix
  55. Ayudar
    to help
  56. Concinar, Preparar la comida
    to cook, to prepare a meal
  57. Guardar
    to put away, to keep
  58. Hacer la cama
    to make the bed
  59. Lavar los platos
    to wash dishes
  60. Limpiar
    to clean
  61. Pasar la aspiradora
    to vacuum
  62. Poner la mesa
    to set the table
  63. Sacar la basura
    to take out garbage
  64. Sacudir los muebles
    to dust furniture
  65. Buscar
    to look for
  66. Estar de Acuerdo
    to agree
  67. Mandar una Carta
    to send/mail a letter
  68. Ir
    to go
  69. Saber
    to know (formally)
  70. Cerrer (ie)
    to close
  71. Comenzar (ie)
    to begin
  72. Costar (ue)
    to cost
  73. Demostrar (ue)
    to demonstrate
  74. Devolver (ue)
    to return (an object)
  75. Dormir (ue)
    to sleep
  76. Empezar (ie)
    to begin
  77. Encerrar (ie)
    to enclose
  78. Encontrar (ue)
    to find
  79. Entender (ie)
    to understand
  80. Jugar (ue)
    to play
  81. Mentir (ie)
    to lie
  82. Morir (ue)
    to die
  83. Mostrar (ue)
    to show
  84. Pedir (i)
    to ask for
  85. Pensar (ie)
    to think
  86. Perder (ie)
    to lose, to waste
  87. Perseguir (i)
    to chase
  88. Preferir (ie)
    to prefer
  89. Recomendar (ie)
    to recommend
  90. Recordar (ue)
    to remember
  91. Repetir (i)
    to repeat
  92. Seguir (i)
    to follow, to continue (doing something)
  93. Servir (i)
    to serve
  94. Volver (ue)
    to return
  95. Dar un Concierto
    to give/perform a concert
  96. Ensayar
    to practice/rehearse
  97. Grabar
    to record
  98. Hacer una Gira
    to tour
  99. Sacar un CD
    to release a CD
  100. Tocar
    to play (an instrument)
  101. Estrenar una Película
    to release a film/movie
  102. Presentar una Película
    to show a film/movie
  103. Almorzar (ue)
    to have lunch
  104. Andar
    to walk
  105. Beber
    to drink
  106. Cocinar
    to cook
  107. Conducir
    to drive
  108. Cenar
    to have dinner
  109. Desayunar
    to have breakfast
  110. Merendar
    to have a snack
  111. Pagar
    to pay
  112. Pedir
    to order
  113. Reservar una Mesa
    to reserve a table
  114. Llevar
    to wear, to take, to carry
  115. Prestar
    to loan, to lend
  116. Encantar
    to love, to like very much
  117. Fascinar
    to fascinate
  118. Hacer Falta
    to need, to be lacking
  119. Importar
    to matter, to be important
  120. Molestar
    to bother
  121. Quedarle bien/mal
    to fit well/poorly
  122. Acordarse de (o -> ue)
    to remember
  123. Acostarse (o -> ue)
    to go to bed
  124. Afeitarse
    to shave
  125. Arreglarse
    to get ready
  126. Bañarse
    to bathe
  127. Callarse
    to get/keep quite
  128. Cepillarse
    (el pelo, los dientes)
    to brush (one's hair/teeth)
  129. Despertarse (e -> ie)
    to wake up, to awaken
  130. Divertirse (e -> ie -> i)
    to enjoy oneself, to have fun
  131. Dormirse (o -> ue -> u)
    to fall asleep
  132. Ducharse
    to shower
  133. Irse
    to go away, to leave
  134. Lavarse
    to wash oneself
  135. Levantarse
    to get up, to stand up
  136. Llamarse
    to be called
  137. Maquillarse
    to put on make up
  138. Peinarse
    to comb one's hair
  139. Ponerse
    (la ropa)
    to put on (one's clothes)
  140. Ponerse
    to get (nervous)
  141. Probarse (o -> ue) 
    la ropa
    to try on clothing
  142. Quedarse
    to stay, to remain
  143. Quitarse (la ropa)
    to take off (one's clothes)
  144. Reunirse
    to get together, to meet
  145. Secarse
    to dry off
  146. Sentarse (e -> ie)
    to sit down
  147. Sentirse (e -> ie -> i)
    to feel
  148. Vestirse (e -> i -> i)
    to get dressed
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