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  1. The data displayed in a cell.
    Displayed value
  2. an equation that performs mathematical calculations on number values.
  3. A view that maximizes the number that identify a cell.
    normal view
  4. An Excel window area that displays the value contained in the active cell.
    name box
  5. Symbols that specify mathematical operations such as addition or subtraction.
    Arithmetic operators
  6. The number that displays at the left of a row.
    Row heading
  7. A prewritten Excel formula
    a function
  8. the small black square in the lower right corner of the active cell.
    fill handle
  9. page headers and footers can be changed in this view.
    page layout view
  10. the column letter and row number that identify a cell.
    cell address
  11. A command with which you can display text on multiple lines within a cell.
    text wrap
  12. A cell reference that refers to a cell by its fixed position in a worksheet and that does not change when the formula is copied.
    absolute cell reference
  13. a specific way that excel displays numbers.
    number format
  14. the default format that excel applies to numbers whatever you type in the cell will display, with the exception that trailing zeros to the right of a deciaml point will not display.
    general format
  15. the excel number format that applies a comma separator where appropriate inserts a fixed dollar sign aligned at the left edge of the cell, applies two decimal places, and leaves a small amount of space at both the right and left edges of the cell to accomodate parentheses for negative numbers.
    Accounting number format
  16. a graphic representation of data in a worksheet that shows comparisons, patterns , and trends.
  17. the chart axis that is usually the horizontal axis and contains categories.
    category axis
  18. the chart axis that is usually the vetical axis and contains data.
    value axis
  19. to pull out one or more slices of a 3d pie chart to emphasize a specific slice or slices.
  20. a set of design elements that provides a unified look for colors, fonts, and graphics.
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