Chapter B-2

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  1. What do zoning requirements outline?
    Type of uses for the land, and how it is occupied.
  2. Zoning separates areas known as zones and designates uses for the land within these zones
  3. The Zoning plan is set out by?
    The municipality
  4. Zoning requirements and changes vary from street to street and from municipality to municipality
  5. Define 'Setback'?
    The distance the building must be setback from the property line
  6. Define 'Limiting Distance'?
    Part of the NBC (National Building Code), minimal distances between buildings based on a percentage of wall surface area
  7. Define 'Building Coverage'?
    The limit the area the building can occupy in relation to the area of the lot
  8. What is an Environmental impact study?
    A study to ensure that a change to zoning does not negatively affect the environment and neighboring properties.
  9. What is an 'Traffic impact study'?
    A study how the development may affect local traffic patterns.

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