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    Charlemagne's enjoying others company
    there is no evidence that charlemagne ever withdrew himself from the people around him to ponder or work out plans. he seemed to be one that always needed the company of others. from the huge banquets he seldomly threw all the way up to his bath time he always wanted company
  2. Charlemagne behaving naturally as him trueself
    he did not try and model himself after the kings or leaders before him. he behaved in a manner that was pleasurable and enjoyed life instead of being more stern or serious.
  3. Journey through the land of the franks
    He took a journey through the land of the franks not only to pray at the tombs of the saints. he also took that trip for political and military reasons. even when he went to certain lands on pilgrimages, he still made numerous dontaions to the pope for the salvation of his soul.
  4. Building the church of saint mary
    he visited this church that he built severals a day and even sometimes at night. he also made sure the priests did not tolerate anything unclean in the church with constant supervision.Charlemagne even went as far as supporting needy christians, even outside the borders of his empire
  5. Charlemagne at times of war
    Charlemagne brought great riches through many military expidetions. He was also said to not have been able to write bbecasue he was a man of action and not an intellectual. but he still appreciated good literature. whenever someone tried to opose charlemagne he did not use speeches or try and talk his way to peace. he was more of a forceful guy.
  6. Charlemagnes treatment of the poor
    under the frankish state there was no nobility in the sense of a well defined social order. often nobility was equated with ones wealth and to be a peasent was the same as being in need or poor. to prevent the peasants from being taken advantage of, all sales of land were to be done in fron t of the count, bishops, judges, or others with nobility. under charlemagnes looser organization the serfs themselves had the chance to live like lords if they were not under ownership of a noble or a lord himself
  7. the last days of charlemagne
    in his last days charlemagne started to suffer from frequent attacks of fever. this was around the year of 810 and that same year his son Pepin died and was followed to the grave in the year 811 by Charles, Charlemagnes eldest son.the only son that remained to his was louis and he was the least warlike of the three. at this point of his life Charlemagne started to become more of a peace maker than anything. and the reason to as why his army started to desert him may have been do to a shortage of consumer goods. the increasing economic difficulty was indicated in some quarters by the refusal of some acceptin imperial coins even though they held the same value as silver
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