ATPL Navigation GPS

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  1. In reality how many satellites are required for 3d navigation
  2. Gps uses what code?
    Pseudo random code.
  3. The GPS signal is so faint it is in fact ?
    Weaker the the earths inherent background noise.
  4. The earths background noise is used as a ?
    Amplifier for the gps signal.
  5. Name the 2 different types of code used in GPS ?
    C/A code and the P code
  6. The three main errors associated with the GPS are ?
    • Receiver error
    • Selective availability
    • Geometric dilution of precision.
  7. Selective ability has an error of ?
    32 meters.
  8. With S/A and a GDOP of 3 what error would a gps have ?
  9. How many satellites are required for RAIM to work?
  10. Differential GPS uses ?
    Ground stations to monitor error in the GPS signal.
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