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  1. What is the concept of QA?
    • The QA concept is fundamentally the prevention of the occurrence of defects.
    • Knowledge ; Special Skills; Training
  2. What is Quality of Maintenance.
    • All hands Task
    • QA Staff Direct liaison to QA Officers
    • QA Duty Responsible for ensuring inspections and workmanship is up to Par.
  3. Purpose and function of CDI?
    • Assigned to work centers
    • Inspect all work and required QA inspection
    • Report QAO
    • Spot check work in progress
  4. Receiving/Screening Inspection?
    • Apply to material and parts from supply
    • Condition of material
    • Proper Identification
    • Maintenance Requirements
    • Records and documents in order
  5. In-Process Inspection?
    Inspection of anything that can't be witnessed after final inspection.
  6. Final inspection?
    Performed upon completion or maintenance action.
  7. Where are CDI limition are?
    • Cannot witness own work.
    • Responsible to the QAO.
  8. What are the QA managed programs?
    • CTPL
    • Audit / QA Audit program
    • NAMDRP
    • Aircraft Confined Space program
    • Maint Dept/Division SAFETY
    • SE Misuse and Abuse
  9. CDI's responsibility for tools are?
    • Begin and end shift ATAF
    • Pre and Post Work ATAF
    • ATAF Prior to OP Check
    • Train Juniors on Tool Control
  10. What are the responsibilities when signing "Inspected By"
    • Signed by QA Inpectors (QAR, CDQAR, CDI)
    • Stating all work was done to proper standard.
  11. What are CDI's Responsibilities
    • All hands
    • Train Junior Workers
    • Supervise
    • Stop any unsafe Evolutions
  12. What does NAMDRP stand for?
    Naval Aviation Maintenance Discrepancy Reporting Program.
  13. What is the purpose of NAMDRP?
    • Establish policy
    • Responsibilites and Requirements for reporting substandard workmanship
    • Improper QA procedures and deficiencies in material or pubs.
  14. Name the types of reports.
    • (HMR) Hazardous Material Report
    • (EI) Engineering Investigaion
    • (HMR/EI) A HMR and EI together.
    • (AIDR) Acceptable Inspection Deficiency Report
    • (JDRS) Joint Deficiency Reporting System
    • (TPDR) Technical Publications Deficiency Report
    • (BTR) Baseline Technical Deficiency Report
  15. What are the specification for a (HMR)?
    • Reporting Material Deficiencies that can Damage Aircraft or Hurt Personnel.
    • Submit VIA JDRS within 24 hours.
  16. What are the conditions of (HMR)?
    • Configuration deficiency
    • Urgent Action
    • Design Flaw
    • TFOA
  17. Engineering Investigation
    • Investigate Fleet Reported Material Failures
    • Submit via JDRS within 5 working days.
  18. What are the EI conditions?
    • Safety Issues
    • Additional info required
    • Aircraft readiness impaired due to poor material reliability.
    • Component rejected through NOAP.
    • Directed by Higher Authority.
  19. What is (PQDR)?
    • Product quality deficiency report.
    • Used to report product deficiencies attributable to supplier, contractor or rework.
    • Not "Y" code
  20. What are the two types of CATs in a PQDR?
    • CAT I - Cause Damage, Injury or Death
    • Submit by message through JDRS within 24 hours.

    • CAT II -  Impact material or human resources but does not affect safety.
    • Submit via JDRS within 5 working days.
  21. What is a (AIDR)?
    • Acceptable Inspection Deficiency Report.
    • Identifies/Documents defects in newly manufactured, modified or reworked aircraft, including PMI.
  22. Acceptable Inspection Deficiency Report descriptions?
    Submit via JDRS within 5 days of completing acceptance or within 5 working days of FCF.
  23. How are AIDR's categorized?
    • Critical - Hazardous or unsafe conditions
    • Major - Reduce usability or asset
    • Minor - Unlikely to reduce usability of asset.
  24. What does (JDRS) stand for?
    • Joint Deficiency Reporting System.
    • System used to submit Reports.
  25. What is (TPDR)?
    • Technical Publications Deficiency Report
    • Reporting Safety Hazards and Routine Deficiencies in Tech Pubs.
  26. What is CAT I of TPDR?
    • CAT I - Injury, death, or damage
    • Submit within 24 hours
  27. What is CAT II of TPDR?
    • Non Safety Related
    • Delay of 8 hours or more
    • Submit via web within 5 working days
  28. What is CAT III of TPDR?
    • Non safety related
    • Delay less than 8 hours
    • Submit VIA web within 5 working days.
  29. What is CAT IV of the TPDR?
    • Non safety related
    • Misspelled words, typographical errors
    • Submit VIA Web within 5 working days.
  30. What are the BTR breakdowns?
    • Report OOMA NALCOMIS Deficiencies
    • Submit VIA email
  31. What is (PMIC)?
    • Periodic Maintenance Inspection Cards
    • Shows Hi-Time Hours for Hi-Time Components
  32. What is the (MESM)?
    • Mission Essential Subsystem Matrix
    • Matrix for establishing PMC status
  33. What is the vibration Manual?
    A1-H60CA-VIB-100 Vibration Manual.
  34. What are the FCF instructions?
  35. What is the FCF profile A?
    • 30 day no fly
    • Aircraft Acceptance
  36. What is FCF profile B?
    Powerplants Systems
  37. What is the FCF profile C?
    • Controllability
    • Drive Train
    • Rotor Systems
  38. What is FCF profile D?
  39. What is (B/C) and (C/D) FCF profiles?
    • B/C - Post Phase FCF
    • C/D - Stab Actuators
  40. What are the three sets of audits?
    Special, Self, and Workcenter
  41. What does ALSS stand for?
    Aircrew Life Support System.
  42. QA Audits are typically for what?
    Trend Analyze
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