Chapter One micro lab

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  1. Bright Field light Microscope
    an instrument that magnifies images using two lens system
  2. Objective Lens
    Initial magnification occurs
  3. Ocular Lens / Eye Piece
    Where final magnification occurs. At the top of the tube magnifies the image formed be the objective lens.
  4. Low Power
    10x (yellow) low power lens
  5. Scanning Lens
    4x (red)
  6. High-Dry Lens
    40x (blue)
  7. Oil Immersion Objective Lens
    10x (white)
  8. Linear Magnification / focal length
    The magnitification of the lenses X10
  9. Substage condenser
    focuses the ligt on a small area above the stage
  10. Iris Diaphragm
    Controls the amount of light that enters the condenser (underneath the stage)
  11. Wet mount slide prep (4)
    • 1. drop of water on slide
    • 2. place specimen in the water
    • 3. place the edge of the coverslip so it touches the water with a tweezers.
    • 4. slowly lower the coverslip to prevent forming and air bubble.
  12. Staphylococcus Aureus Cocci
    Singular, coccus (little circles)
  13. Bacillus Subtilis
    Rods or Bacilli, singular
  14. Spirillum Volutans
    a single, large, plural
  15. Rhodospirillum rubrum
    numerous, small spirilla
  16. Lock Screw
    allows you to turn the body tube to share with a partner without using the base around.
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