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  1. premenstrual dysphoric disorder criteria?
    • last at least 2 cycles
    • no pain during first week of the 1st half
    • pain during the second half of the period
  2. rx for premenstrual dysphoric disorder?
    decrease caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate

    • if symptoms persist
    • give SSRI
  3. blood levels of what are diagnostic for menapuase?
    high FSH
  4. what is the rx for menapuse?
    Hormone replacement therapy for symptoms and to prevent osteoporosis
  5. when is hrt contraindicated for menopause?
    • history of hypercoagubility (PE or DVT)
    • endometrial or breast ca responsive to estrogen
  6. 1st line rx for ovulatory bleeding?
    nsaids to decrease blood loss
  7. post menopausal bleeding is assumed to be what?
    post coital bleeding is presumed to be what?
    • endometrial cancer
    • cervical cancer
  8. abnormal uterine bleeding causes?
    • menorrhagia
    • metrorhagia
    • menometrorhagia
    • oligomenorrhea
    • hypomenorrhea
    • post coital bleeding
  9. work up for abnormal uterine bleeding?
    • cbc --anemia/TFT/prolactin?betaHCG
    • pap smear
    • pelvic ultrasound
  10. dysfunctional uterine bleeding is due to what?
    high estrogen and no progesterone from the corpus luteum..endometrium outgrows blood supply and sloughs off
  11. pt over 35 with dysfunctional uterine bleeding?
    next step in management
    endometrial biopsy to rule out carcinoma
  12. pts over what age with abnormal uterine bleeding should undergo endometrial biopsy to rule out endometrial carcinoma?
  13. rx for dysfunctional uterine bleeding?
  14. When is Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding considered severe?
    • if the patient is anemic
    • symptoms are not controlled by OCP
    • lifestyle is compromised

    endometrial ablation or hysterectomy
  15. what contraception devices lead to pelvic inflammatory diseases?
    intrauterine device
  16. most common congenital adrenal hyperplasia?
    21 hydroxylase deficiency
  17. most common cause of labial fusion is?
    21 hydroxylase deficiency
  18. rx for lichen sclerosus and lichen planus of the vulva?
    rx for squamous cell hyperplasia?
    • topical steroids
    • baths and lubricants
  19. rx for Bartholin gland cyst?
    • I and D
    • Marsupilization
  20. 3 causes of vaginitis?
    diagnostic tests for each one?
    • gardnerella--koh clue cells
    • candidiasis--koh pseudohyphae
    • trichomonas--koh flagellates
  21. what is adenomysosis?
    most accurate test?
    • endometrial gland within the myometrium
    • MRI then
    • Biopsy of the myometrium
  22. most accurate test for endometriosis?
    laparoscopic visualization
  23. rx for adenomyosis?
  24. rx for endometriosis?
    analgesia with nsaid and OCP for mild symptoms

    • leuprolide and danazol for severe
    • Surgery for refractory
  25. side effect of leuprolide?
    leuprolide--GnRH--decreases estrogen--hot flashes, osteoporosis

    Danazol--progesterone antagonist--prevents release of fsh--masculanizing side effects
  26. rx for pCOS?
    rx if pts wants to conceive?
    • weight loss
    • ocp to prevent the hirsutism

    clomiphene and metformin
  27. what two std's present with bubo swelling or inguinal lymph nodes swelling?
    • LGV--C. trachomatic L1,L2,L3 painless ulcer
    • Chancroid-- h. ducrey--painfull ulcer
  28. feels like im sitting on an egg, pelvic heaviness is characteristic of ?
    pelvic prolapse
  29. cystocele
    • bladder into vagina
    • rectum into vagina
    • small bowel into vagina
  30. most accurate test for pid?
  31. Best initial test for PID?
    • Cervical:
    • cultureĀ 
    • dna probe
    • pcr
  32. a woman presenting with abdominal pain, tenderness, cervical motion tenderness, fever, leukocytosis, next step in management?
    rule out pregnancy
  33. pid for outpatient?
    • ceftrixaone
    • metro + doxycycline

    • cefoxatime + doxy
    • clinda and genta
  34. rx of genital warts?
    • podophylin
    • 5fu
    • imiquid
    • alpha interferon
    • cryotherapy
  35. what std looks like IBD?
  36. rx for pcos?
    • ocp
    • progesterone
    • spironolactone
    • metformin
    • clompiphene
  37. mcc of female infertiliyt?
  38. rx for alopecia aerata?
    inhalational steroids
  39. newborn with assymmetric inguinal and gluteal folds?
    Congenital hip dysplasia
  40. rx for fibroids?
    • us on asymptomatic
    • gnrh agonist
    • myomectomy
    • hysterectomy
  41. rx if woman doesnt want to remove endometrial cancer?
  42. management of ascus with no hpv?
    with hpv?
    • repeat pap in 6 months
    • colposcopy
  43. most importatnt diangost sign for endometrial cancer?
  44. rx for squamous cell carcinoma of the vagina?
  45. what cervical tumor causes precocious?

  46. what ages get lichen sclerosus?
    post menopausal
  47. rx for inflammatory carcinoma of breats?
    • mastectomy
    • radiation
    • hormone therapy
  48. what breast cancer is hormone responsive?
  49. bloody discharge of nipple?
    intraductal carcinoma
  50. most common breast cancer?
    invasive ductal carcinoma
  51. risk for breast cancer?
    • long ovulation--early menarche and late menarche
    • nullparity
  52. 3 diseases that cause dislocation of the lens of eye/?
    • marfans
    • homocystinuria
    • alports
  53. woman presenting with pelvic pain worse before she menstruates?
  54. rx for pagets disease of the vulva and squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva?
    scc of vagina?
    • unilateral vulval involvement--modified vulvectomy
    • bilateral--radical vulvectomy
    • <2 cm--surgery
    • otherwise radiation
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