Home Economics - Home Management

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  1. List five tasks involved in running a home
    1. Budgeting

    2. Cleaning

    3. Cooking

    4. Gardening

    5. Laundry

    6. Shopping
  2. What is good home management?
    This means using resources wisely to achieve goals
  3. List four resources needed for good home management
    1. Time

    2. Energy

    3. Skill

    4. Money

    5. Equipment

    6. Materials

    7. Fuel
  4. Describe the five steps of a good home management system
    1. Goals - decide what it is you want to achieve

    2. Resources - what do you need to carry out the tasks

    3. Plan - make out a shopping list or rota of tasks that need to be done by different people

    4. Action - carry out the tasks that need to be done

    5. Evaluate - did you achieve your goals and what to change for the next time
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