Bowel Disorder Drugs

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  1. adsorbents Mechanism of Action
    • coat the walls of the GI tract
    • bind the causative bacteria or toxin
  2. anticholinergic mechanism of action
    work to slow peristalsis by reducing the rhythmic contractions and smooth muscle tone
  3. opiates mechanism of action
    decrease bowel motility and relieve rectal spasms
  4. Intestinal flora modifiers
  5. Antidiarrheal indications
    diarrhea of various types and severity
  6. Bulk forming laxatives Mechanism of actions
    • absorb water into the intestine which increases bulk
    • Distend bowel to initiate reflex bowel activity
  7. Emollient/ stool softeners Mechanism of action
    lowers the surface tension of GI fluids allowing more water and fat into it and lubricants the feces and intestinal walls
  8. Hyperosmotic Mechanism of aCtion
    increase fecal water content in the large intestine
  9. Saline Mechanism of Action
    • Increase osmotic pressure within the intestinal tract, causing more water to enter the intestines
    • Results in bowel distention, increased peristalsis, and evacuation
  10. Stimulant Mechanism of action
    stimulate the nerves that innervate the intestines
  11. Peripherally acting opioid antagonists
    Block entrance of opioid into bowel
  12. Laxatives Contraindications
    Acute surgical abdomen, appendicitis symptoms, fecal impaction, intestinal obstruction, undiagnosed abdominal pain
  13. Laxatives Adverse Effects
    Related to overuse or misuse
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