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  1. What is the flight deck temperature range with the Flight Deck (FLT)
    temperature Selector in AUTO?
    • 65F to 85F (18C to 29C) 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.10.2
  2. What valve are you controlling when you select MAN with the flight deck temperature controller?
    • Flight deck trim air valve 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.10.2
  3. What does the Zone System (SYS) Fault Light indicate?
    • • Temperature zone duct overheat or zone temperature controller fault has occurred.
    • • Master trim air valve failed closed
    • • Trim air switch off
    • • master trim air valve closed and pack air continues to flow. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.10.3
  4. What is the temperature range with the main deck and forward and aft lobe temperature selectors in AUTO?
    • 40F to 85F (4C to 29C) 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.10.4
  5. Under what conditions would trim air be unavailable to the flight deck, upper deck, crew rest, and main deck?
    • • EICAS advisory TEMP ZONE is displayed.
    • • Center section of the bleed duct is isolated.
    • • EICAS Advisory message TRIM AIR OFF is displayed.
    • • The Master Trim Air switch is OFF. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.7
  6. If trim air is not available to the flight deck, upper deck, crew rest, and main deck distribution system, how is temperature controlled in the cabin? 
    •  Backup modes control temperature 
    • *If the flight deck temp selector setting is available to the PTC, pack outlet temperature of all packs is regulated to an average temp between 65F and 85F, as set by the Flt Deck Temp selector, or 
    • *If unavailable to the PTC, the last temperature set, or 
    • *If last temp unavailable to the PTC, then 75F (24C) 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.7   
  7. What target temperature is set to the upper deck and crew rest zone when electrical power is initially applied to the airplane?
    • 75F (24C) 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.7
  8. How many pack temperature controllers (PTC) are provided?
    • Two – A and B 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.2
  9. How many separate channels are provided in the PTCs?
    • Each PTC has three separate channels, one for each pack. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.2
  10. What happens if a pack temperature controller (PTC) detects a fault in a pack channel?
    • Control of the respective pack switches to the other PTC. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.2
  11. How can you restore pack operation for a failed PTC?
    • Push the Pack Reset Switch. 

    FCOM, VOL 2;2. 20.2
  12. What would happen if a fault or an overheat of the PTC is detected?
    • The respective pack valve closes, resulting in a pack shutdown. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.2
  13. What are the 7 temperature zones for the 400F?
    • • Flight deck/upper deck/crew rest
    • • Forward and aft main deck
    • • Forward and aft lower lobe cargo zones 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.1
  14. What is the function of the Lower Lobe Cargo Conditioned AIR FLOW RATE Selector? (LLCCAFR)
    • Provides forward and aft lobe cargo air conditioning. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.10.11
  15. With the LLCCAFR Switch Off, what controls pack outlet temperature?
    • The flight deck, upper deck, and crew rest zone requiring the coolest temperature. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.6    
  16. What zone and what pack is affected with the LLCCAFR selector in FWD HI?
    • All of pack three air is sent to the forward lower cargo lobe. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.6
  17. What zone and what pack is affected with the LLCCAFR selector in AFT HI?
    • All of pack two air is sent to the aft lower cargo lobe. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.6
  18. Explain the position of the LLCCAFR selector in BOTH LOW.
    • 2/3 of pack 3 and 2/3 of pack 2 conditioned air distributed respectively to forward and aft lower lobe cargo compartments. 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.10.11
  19. What position of the LLCCAFR selector would result in all packs remaining in high flow during cruise?
    • • FWD HI/AFT HI
    • • BOTH LOW 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.4
  20. The center duct provides air supply to what systems?
    • • Cargo smoke detection
    • • Potable water pressurization
    • • LLCCAFR Trim Air
    • • Trim Air
    • • Aft Cargo Heat Ø FCOM, VOL 2; 2.40.5 (diagram);2.20.11, and others. Describe overheat protection of the aft cargo heat system.
    • • An overheat thermal switch opens and closes an overheat/shutoff valve at higher temperatures.

     FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.11
  21. What is the source of heat for the forward cargo compartment?
    • Heated air exhausted from the Electrical and electronic (E & E) compartment. (equipment cooling inboard exhaust valve open). 

    FCOM, VOL 2; 2.20.11
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