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  1. Possible self
    • Hazel Markus and Paula Nurius
    • describe the way an individual pictures personalized images of the self in various future roles, selves she or he might possibly become
    • Shapes our future
  2. Psychoanalytic theory
    • Freud
    • From a very early age little girls inevitably learned to feel inferior to and envious of males
    • oral anal and phallic stages 5-6 years
  3. Karen Horney
    • Early member of Freud's circle
    • well respected European psychoanalyst 
    • girls don't automatically feel inferior
  4. devaluation vs sexualization
    • Horney
    • devaluation-parents failure to respect child
    • sexualization-adults taking a sexual approach
  5. Sociologist Nancy Chodorow
    • psychosexual development based primarily on the early mother-child bond
    • pre-oedipal relationship with mother is critical
  6. Ellyn Kaschak
    • reexamined the oedipal myth
    • infantile grandiosoity-men think women are there to please
  7. Antigone complex
    in a partriarchal family the daughters early attachment to the mother in intertwined with learning that men are central and women are secondary
  8. Evolutionary theory
    in any specied, including human, certain characteristics persist across generations-passed along genetically-because they help the species to survive
  9. Theorists of racial identity
    • preencounter stage-the individual idealized
    • encounter-being black with always affects others views
    • immersion-person begins to act black
    • internalization stage-she constructs a positive personal identity that incorporates being black
  10. courage
    having spirit , liveliness, a quality of boldness, the ability to speak ones mind by telling ones heart
  11. relational aggression
    They compete with and retaliate against other girls by withdrawing their friendship, excluding them from social groups, and spreading negative gossip about htem
  12. Carol Dweck
    • teachers reactions to success and failure
    • Mastery oriented feedback-tells people able to master something that's difficult <-girls don't get it enought
  13. self esteem
    how favorable do i view myself
  14. AAUW study
    self esteem varies by ethnicity as well as gender
  15. best predictors of self esteem
    • confidence in femininity
    • confidence in attractiveness
    • lack of worry about wight
  16. self confidence
    belief that one can perform successfully
  17. Jeanne Block
    • Roots vs wings
    • Are girls less self confident than boys
  18. power
    • ability to do or act
    • control or authority
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