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  1. anatomical position  that of the human body standing erect with palms turned forward, used as the position of reference in designating the site or direction of structures of the body.
  2. There are 5 main body cavities:1) Cranial cavity2) Vertebral canal3) Thoracic cavity4) Abdominal cavity5) Pelvic cavityContained organs:1) Cranial cavity: Brain2) Vertebral canal: Spinal cord3) Thoracic cavity: Lungs, heart4) Abdominal cavity: Digestive organs, spleen, kidneys5) Pelvic cavity: Bladder, reproductive organs
    • Pleura Membrane:Membrane surrounding the lungs to keep it in place.
    • Viceral Pleura:Membrane that is touching the lungs.
    • Parietal Pleura:Membrane that is not touching the lungs.
    • Peritoneum:Membrane that holds the intestines in place.
    • Viceral Peritoneum:Membrane touching the intestines.
    • Parietal Peritoneum:Membrane not touching the intestines.
  3. What are the Body Planes?
  4. AnteBrachial
    the area of the upper limb between elbow and hand.
  5. auxiliary
    • 1. Functioning in an augmenting capacity; supplementary.
    • 2. Functioning as a subordinate; secondary.
  6. brachial
    Relating to the arm.
  7. carpal:
    Relating to the carpus.
  8. celiac (= coeliac)
    Relating to the abdominal cavity.
  9. cephalic:
    The Cranium or head.
  10. cervical:
    Relating to a neck, or cervix, in any sense.
  11. Costal:
    Relating to a rib.
  12. cubital:
    Relating to the elbow or to the ulna.
  13. dorsal:
    pertaining to the back.
  14. femoral
    Relating to the femur or thigh
  15. frontal:
    • 1. In front; relating to the anterior part of a body.
    • 2. Referring to the frontal (coronal) plane or to the frontal bone or forehead.
  16. genital
    • 1. Relating to reproduction or generation.
    • 2. Relating to the primary female or male sex organs or genitals.
  17. gluteal:
    Relating to the buttocks.
  18. inguinal:
    Relating to the groin.
  19. mammary
    Relating to the breasts.
  20. mental:
    • 1. Relating to the mind.
    • 2. Relating to the chin.
  21. ophthalmic
    Relating to the eye.
  22. optic
    1. Relating to the eye, vision, or optics.
  23. otic
    Relating to the ear.
  24. patellar
    Relating to the patella. AKA Knee
  25. pectoral:
    Relating to the chest.
  26. pedal
    Relating to the feet, or to any structure called pes.
  27. perineal
    Relating to the perineum.
  28. plantar:
    Relating to the sole of the foot.
  29. popliteal:
    Relating to the popliteal fossa.
  30. sacral:
    Relating to or in the neighborhood of the sacrum.
  31. umbilical
    . Relating to the umbilicus

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