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  1. How and Why Do We Experience Stress?
    • activates thoughts, feelings,
    • behaviors, and physiological arousal that promote adaptation/survival
  2. Stress
    physical/mental response to challenging situation
  3. Stressor
    • stressful stimulus
    • a condition demanding adaptation
  4. A
    Model of Stress
  5. Hassles
    Situation causes minor irritation or frustration
  6. Traumatic stressor
    • threatens one’s physical safety
    • arouses fear, horror, helplessness
  7. Catastrophe Five stages that occur in the wake of natural disasters:
    –Psychic numbness

    –Automatic action

    –Communal effort


  8. Media coverage expands the experience of a catastrophe
    –24/7 news coverage

    –Transmission to large

      numbers of unaffected parties
  9. Vicarious traumatization
    • Severe stress =exposure to
    • traumatic images or stories
  10. Post traumatic stress disorder:
    Continued or delayed stress reaction in which an individual involuntarily re-experiences emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of past trauma
  11. Chronic Stressors

    –Familial responsibilities


  12. Cognitive Appraisal
    Assessment of a stressor/dealing with it
  13. Burnout
    emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment
  14. Social Readjustment Ratings Scale
    measure stress levels attached to common life changes
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