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  1. 1) (T/F) Indications for an MOD gold onlay prep include replacing failed MOD preparations w wide isthmuses and w broken teeth w intact buccal and lingual cusps:
  2. 2) In an MOD onlay prep for a mand molar in normal occlusion, if using an occlusal shoulder, which cusps is the shoulder placed on?
    MB & DB
  3. 3) When preparing a mandibular molar for an MOD onlay, what is the procedure?
    replace the blockout, prepare the inlay, reduce the cusps, & place occlusal bevels
  4. 1) Retention for an MOD gold onlay prep comes mainly from:
    the boxes (vs isthmus, shoulder, cement)
  5. 2) (T/F) An MOD gold onlay is recommended to restore a tooth w cracked-tooth syndrome:
  6. 3) When using a mould guide to select a polycarbonate crown, which criterion should be used to select which crown to use?
    the mesio-distal dimension (vs bucco-lingual, incisal- gingival)
  7. 4) When using a polycarbonate crown as a provisional restoration, if the crown is too long inciso-gingivally, it should be shortened from the:
  8. 5) A temporary crown should be cemented w:
    zinc oxide- eugenol cement
  9. 1) (T/F) When a pt comes in w a fractured cusp and it is decided that the tooth will be provisionalized with a pre-formed metal crown, it is not necessary to do any tooth preparation prior to fitting the crown:
  10. 2) When selecting the appropriate pre-formed metal crown, what is the most important thing to consider?
    the mesio-distal dimension
  11. 3) After selecting the proper pre-formed metal crown, if it is too long, how should the excess be removed?
    crown & bridge scissors
  12. 4) (T/F) Polycarbonate crowns can be prepared for provisionalization simply by trimming away the excess at the margin & allowing cement to fill in the gaps:
  13. 5) When using polycarbonate provisional crowns, excess set acrylic should be initially trimmed w:
    the acrylic bur in the straight handpiece
  14. 1) (T/F) Prior to relining a pre-formed metal crown, the pt should close & “sock in” the occlusion:
  15. 2) In making a provisional restoration by relining a pre-formed metal crown, excess set acrylic should be initially trimmed with:
    an acrylic bur in a straight handpiece
  16. 3) (T/F) In using Bis-acryl to make a provisional, an overimpression of the unprepared tooth is used:
  17. 4) When using Bis-acryl, the prepared tooth should be lubricated with:
    petrolatum (vs saliva, Alcote)
  18. 5) After the loss of the fresh air-inhibited surface of the Bis-acryl restoration, what should be used to fill in voids or adjust the contour of the provisional restoration?
    composite (vs additional Bis-acryl, acrylic)
  19. 1) The button used to make a provisional w Bis-acryl is softened at approximately
    150 F.
  20. 2) Bis-acryl material is chemically similar to:
    composite (vs amalgam, acrylic)
  21. 3) Which of the following would most likely not require diagnostic wax-up?
    a gold crown replacing a failing gold crown; everything else has a defect in it that would require a wax-up
  22. 4) (T/F) Diagnostic wax-ups are necessary to determine the location of implant crowns:
  23. 5) If the opposing tooth #4 has erupted into the space of missing #29, and the pt wants to replace #29, all of the following should be considered in treating this case, except:
    doing nothing to treat the erupted tooth (vs reducing/ recontouring the erupted tooth, placing a crown on the erupted tooth, doing a root canal on the erupted tooth); this doesn’t mean that all these things need to be done, but you need to at least consider all these types of treatment
  24. 1) (T/F) Diagnostic wax-ups should never be done on the only set of diagnostic casts:
  25. 2) After making corrections on provisional restorations, what casts should be sent to the lab for making the final 
    • restorations?
    • casts made from modified provisionals
  26. 3) Color-vision deficiency has what frequency in men?
  27. 4) What is the term when an object appears to be differently colored when viewed under diff light sources?
  28. 5) At what stage should the shade be determined?
    prior to starting the preparation
  29. 1) The least important color characteristic in proper shade matching is:
    hue; the most important characteristic is value
  30. 2) (T/F) When selecting a shade for a ceramic restoration & it is not possible to obtain a good match w the shade guide, a darker shade should be selected:
    F; select a lighter shade, which can be stained, vs a darker shade, which is hard to lighten
  31. 3) (T/F) Porcelain laminate veneers can be used to alter contours, close interproximal spaces, and improve appearance of stained teeth:
  32. 4) Which of the following tooth structures provides the best marginal seal & diminishes the change for marginal leakage?
    enamel (vs dentin, cementum)
  33. 5) The minimal thickness of a porcelain laminate veneer is:
    0.3- 0.5 mm
  34. (T/F) Porcelain laminate veneers are attached to teeth by chemical adhesion:
    F; via micromechanical retention
  35. 2) The lingual margin of porcelain laminate preps should be:
    incisal or gingival to the contact point
  36. 3) Electrosurgery delivers an electric current that is:
    high frequency
  37. 4) (T/F) Since electrosurgery is done w very little pressure on the tissue, it is not necessary to achieve profound anesthesia:
  38. 5) When doing electrosurgery, if the tissue chars/ discolors, which is likely to be the cause?
    current setting is too high, or you are moving too slowly through tissue
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