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  1. Holmes and Rahe’s Social Readjustment Scale Scoring:
    • <150
    • = minor stress

    • 150-199
    • = mild stress

    • 200-299
    • = moderate stress

    • >300
    • = major stress
  2. How Does Stress Affect Us Physically?
    • arousal stimulates body’s adaptive responses=harmful after
    • prolonged stress
  3. Acute stress (The
    Physical Stress Response)
    pattern of arousal caused by a stressor with a clear onset and offset
  4. Chronic stress (The Physical Stress Response)
    continuous state of stressful arousal
  5. Fight-or-flight (Physical
    Stress Response)
    prepares the organism for struggle or escape
  6. Tend-and-befriend (Physical Stress Response)
    respond to stress by nurturing and protecting offspring and seeking social support
  7. Immune system
    bodily organs and responses that protect the body from foreign substances and threats
  8. Immunosuppression
    • Less effective immune system bc of suppressed immune response
    • Ex stress
  9. Psychoneuroimmunology
    study influence of mental states on the immune system
  10. How Do We Respond Psychologically to Stress?
    • psychological responses under stress–healthy and harmful– depend on
    • perception, personality, and learned patterns of response
  11. Type A Personality and Stress
    • intense, angry, competitive, or perfectionistic
    • responses to challenging situations
  12. Type B Personality and Stress
    behavior pattern characterized by a relaxed, unstressed approach to life
  13. Psychological
    Responses to Stress
    • Learned helplessness
    • Resilience
  14. Learned helplessness
    not responding to noxious stimuli after an organism learns that its behavior has no effect
  15. Resilience
    Capacity to adapt, achieve well-being, and cope with stress
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