Chapters 1 and 2 vocab, law

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  1. Criminal Law
    The branch of law dealing with crimes and their punishment
  2. felony
    a serious offense punishable by a prison sentence of more then one year
  3. Misdemeanor
    a criminal offense, less serious then a felony. Punishable by a prison sentence  of 1 year or less.
  4. prosecutor
    the state or federal governments attorney in a criminal case.
  5. beyond a reasonable doubt
    the level of proof required to convict a person of a crime. no reasonable doubts they are guilty
  6. civil action
    a noncriminal lawsuit, brought to enforce a right or redress a wrong.
  7. civil law
    all law that does not involve criminal matters, such as tort and contract law. deals with private rights of others.
  8. plaintiff
    in a civil case, the injured party who brings legal actions against the alleged wrongdoer
  9. defendant
    the person who a claim is being made against. the person being sued or accused of a crime.
  10. preponderance of the evidence
    usually the standard proof used in a civil suit, the burden of proof that a party must meet in order to win a lawsuit.
  11. statutes
    written laws enacted by legislatures
  12. ordinances
    a county or city law
  13. regulations
    a rule made by a government agency
  14. supremacy clause
    the provision in article 4 of the constitution stating that us laws and treaties must be followed even if a state and local law disagree with the constitution and these treaties
  15. trials
    a court proceeding
  16. appeals
    to take a case to a higher court for a rehearing
  17. appellate court
    a court in which appeals from trial court decisions are heard
  18. precedent
    court decision on a legal questions that guides future cases with similar questions
  19. legislative intent
    what the law makers who passed a law wanted the law to mean. court will look over law if unclear
  20. treaty
    a pact between nations, if entered into by the united states through its executive branch, the pact must be approved by two thirds of the senate present. under article 2 sec 2 of the constitution to be effective.
  21. limited government
    a basic principle of our constitutional system. it limits government to powers provided to it by the people
  22. separation of powers
    the division of power among the branch's of government .
  23. checks and balance
    the power of each of the three branches of government to limit the other branches power, to prevent abuse
  24. judicial review
    the process by which courts decide whether the laws passed by congress or state legislature are constitutional
  25. constitutional
    the laws we put In our constition
  26. unconstitutional
    conflicting with some provision of the constitution
  27. federalism
    the division of power between the state and the federal government
  28. legislatures
    help the people, come to our needs
  29. agencies
    make the laws, different uints
  30. courts
    where trails of all kinds are held
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