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  1. Dating of Mark
  2. Mark Highlights 2 aspects of Jesus' ministry of Service
    • teacher/preacher
    • worker of miracles
  3. External evidence all points to Rome as the most likely site of Mark's composition. Why?
    • he clearly has a gentile audience in mind
    • he stops to explain the Aramaic expressions
    • he also uses expressions to reflecting the Latin language
  4. Mark spends
    10 chapters on the 30 years of Jesus' life
  5. Mark wrote
    6 chapters on the last week of Jesus' life
  6. Dating of Matthew
    "That it was written before the fall of Jersusalem in 70 AD"
  7. 3 criteria for Canonization
    • Apostolic authorship (who)
    • First-century orgin (when)
    • Apostolic message (what)
  8. Luke records detailed information of Jesus' early life
    • Annunciation to Mary
    • Mary's visit to Elizabeth
    • The Magnificant of Mary
    • Birth and childhood of John
    • Birth of Jesus, the coming of the shepherds and the announcement of the angels
    • Circumcision of Jesus
    • The trip to Jerusalem when Jesus was 12 yrs old
  9. Luke also records Jesus' exceptional treatment of women
    • The praise of Anna in the temple
    • Raising of the widow's son at Nain
    • Jesus healed the cripple woman
    • Acknowledgeing the widow who put all she had in the temple offering
  10. Why produce a written gospel?
    • The speed and extent of the spread of the gospel message
    • As time went on the apostles aged and passed from the scene
    • As the years passed, record so it could be remembered accurately
    • Need for factual material use in the instruction of new converts
  11. Material used to describe the Gospels
    • Eyewitness testimony
    • Gather a collection of OT prophecies related to Jesus
    • Gather a collection of things that Jesus did and said
  12. Why the Gospels are trustworthy
    • took place while those who had known Jesus were still alive and information could be traced back to them
    • they were directly linked to the apostles
    • people of that day took the material as inspired by God and true
  13. Alexander The Great conquered the Mediterranean
    323 B.C.
  14. Rome conquered
    63 B.C.
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