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  1. Describe four technological advancces that have impacted on the running of the home today
    1. Washing machines and dryers have made it easier to wash and dry clothes

    2. Internet can be used for shopping and online banking

    3. Dishwashers allow use to wash dishes

    4. Fridges and freezers have made it easier to prepare food

    5. Hoovers also allow us to clean carpets and floors more efficiently
  2. List four guidelines for buying household appliances
    1. Cost

    2. Safety

    3. Energy efficiency

    4. Size

    5. Special features

    6. Guarantee
  3. How does a microwave cook food?
    It produces energy waves

    These hit food and cause the molecules in it to vibrate

    This produces heat which cooks the food
  4. List two advantages of microwave cooking
    1. It cooks food very quickly

    2. It is a healthy cooking method

    3. Can reheat food quickly
  5. List two disadvantages of microwave cooking
    1. Does not brown food

    2. Not suitable for large amounts of meat

    3. Foods with a high amount of sugar and fat tend to brown
  6. List two points for using a microwave safely
    1. Do not put anything metal into the microwave

    2. Prick anything with a skin before cooking to prevent bursting

    3. Cover foods with a plate to stop it spattering

    4. Leave food to stand for a few minutes before eating
  7. List guidelines that should be followed when buying a microwave
    1. What is its wattage?

    2. Does it have a turntable?

    3. What special features does it have?
  8. List three tips that should be remembered when cleaning a microwave
    1. Wipe up spills quickly

    2. Remove the turntable and wash in warm, soapy water

    3. Wash the inside of the microwave with warm, soapy water and a cloth
  9. Name four different types of cookers on the market today
    1. Gas cooker

    2. Electric cooker

    3. Split level

    4. Solid fuel cookers
  10. Describe four features of modern cookers
    1. Fan ovens

    2. Top oven

    3. Ceramic hob

    4. Dual rings

    5. Induction hobs

    6. Dual grill

    7. Self cleaning ovens

    8. Auto timers
  11. Outline four points for caring and cleaning a cooker
    1. Wipe up spills straight away

    2. Never drag saucepans over a cermaic hob

    3. Remove all removable parts and wash in warm soapy water

    4. Wash out, rinse and dry the oven
  12. Outline three points that should be considered when deciding where to position a cooker
    1. Within the work triangle

    2. Close to electrical connections

    3. Away from the fridge
  13. What are the three different types of refrigerator?
    1. Fridge with icebox

    2. Fridge freezer

    3. Integrated freezer
  14. List five features of a modern refrigerator
    1. Thermostatically controlled

    2. Ice maker

    3. Automatic defrost

    4. Salad drawers

    5. Door of fridge can be made to match kitchen units
  15. Give four guidelines for cleaning a refrigerator
    1. Remove all food and wrap in newspaper

    2. Remove all moveable parts

    3. Wash shelves in warm soapy water, dry and replace

    4. Wash the outside with warm soapy water and dry well
  16. What does the EU Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment 2005 mean for consumers?
    Electrical appliances can no longer be disposed of in landfill sites by consumers

    Appliances must be brought to special collection points where they will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way
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