Chapter 8

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  1. Control systems
    Formal target setting, monitoring, evaluation, and feedback systems that provide managers with information about how well the organizations stagey and structure are working
  2. Feedforward control
    Control that allows managers to anticipate problems before they arise
  3. Concurrent control
    Control that gives managers immediate feedback on how efficiently inputs are being transformed into outputs so managers can correct problems as they arise
  4. Feedback control
    Control that gives managers information about customers reactions to goods and services so corrective action can be taken if necessary
  5. Operating budget
    A budget that states how managers intend to use organizational resources to achieve organizational goals
  6. Management by objectives
    A goal setting process in which a manager and each of his or her subordinates negotiate specific goals and objectives for the subordinate to achieve and then periodically evaluate the extent to which the subordinate is achieving those goals
  7. Bureaucratic Control
    Control of behavior by means of a comprehensive system of rules and standards operating procedures.
  8. Organizational culture
    The set of values, norms, and standards of behavior, that control the way individuals and groups interact and work together to achieve organizational goals
  9. Clan control
    The control exerted on individuals and groups by shared organizational values, norms, and standards of behavior.
  10. Organization change
    The movement of an organization away from its present state and toward some desired future state to increase its efficiency and effectiveness
  11. Top down change
    A fast, revolutionary approach to change in which top managers identify what needs to be changed and then move quickly to implement the changes throughout the organization
  12. Bottom up change
    A gradual or evolutionary approach to change in which managers at all levels work together to develop a detailed plan for change
  13. Entrepreneurs
    People who notice opportunities and take responsibility for mobilizing the resources necessary to produce new and improved goods and services
  14. Intrapreneurs
    Employees of existing organizations who notice opportunities for product or service improvements and are responsible for managing the development process
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