Bible Unit 5 Study Guide

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  1. What often determines how much you enjoy life?
  2. The study of psychology answers the question
    "What is human nature?"
  3. What is the difference between the mind and brain?
    The brain is the physical grey matter that is inside our skull. The mind is the non-physical mental activities.
  4. God created us to be _____ & _____ beings
  5. physical and spiritual
  6. Reality is not one-dimensional, but
    Two dimensional
  7. Reality is two dimensional consisting of the _______ & _______.
    natural and spiritual
  8. Only after being made right with ___(a)___ through____(b)____ ____(c)_____ can we begin to understand our ______(d)___ as ____(e)____ made in God's image to live ___(f)____, ___(g)___, AND ____(h)____ LIVES.
    • a. God
    • b. Jesus
    • c. Christ
    • d. value
    • e. creatures
    • f. triumphant
    • g. whole
    • h. rewarding
  9. Define MONISM
    The mind composed of one substance.
  10. What are two different views of the mind?
    Monism and Dualism
  11. The belief that human beings are made of only one substance is ________.
  12. What is the belief that the human mind is not the same thing as the human brain. It affirms both the spiritual and physical aspects of human nature?
  13. Our ______ has tremendous _______ to ______.
    • mind
    • ability
    • think
  14. What are four reasons supporting the belief that humans have supernatural minds?
    • 1. Minidng your brain-events in the mind can't be measured
    • 2.¬†Uniy of identity-our identity isn't tied to our physical bodies
    • 3.¬†Remembering
    • 4. Freedom to choose
  15. Self esteem comes from 3 important  factors:
    • 1. Understanding who you really are (Gen 1:27 & Psalm 139:14)
    • 2. We sin (Rom 3:23), but
    • 3. God redeemed us because of love
  16. Who is responsible for what we do and say?
    We are!
  17. What is the the study of the brain?
  18. Our only hope in addressing the evil nature of human sin is the redeeming work of Jesus and the indwelling transformation of the ______ ________.
    Holy Spirit
  19. What is the study of the mind?
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