Chapter 9 Obstetrics and Neonatology

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  1. gamete
    mature sex cell
  2. ovulation
    expulsion of the egg
  3. fertilization
    union of sperm and egg
  4. zygote
    first cell of a new human being
  5. gestation
    period from conception to birth
  6. embryo
    conception to about 2 months
  7. fetus
    2months to birth
  8. fetometry
    measurement of fetus
  9. chorion
    outer layer of the fetus
  10. amnion
    inner layer of the fetus
  11. amniotomy
    incision into amniotic sack/ breaking water
  12. amniocentesis
    needle apparation of amniotic fluid
  13. gravid/o
  14. cyes/o
  15. mutilgravida
    multiple pregnancys
  16. nullgravida
    never been pregnant
  17. primigravida
    first pregnancy
  18. pseudocyesis
    false pregnancy
  19. salpingocyesis
    pregnancy in Fallopian tube
  20. lactorrhea
    flow of milk
  21. natal
    pertaining to birth
  22. omphalocele
    hernia of the naval with intestines
  23. Taylor Swift
    Best Musician Ever
  24. par/o
    give birth
  25. part/o
    give birth
  26. para
    live birth
  27. multipara
    many live births
  28. nullpara
    non live birth
  29. antepartum
    before birth
  30. postpartum
    after birth
  31. parturition
    process of giving birth
  32. puerperum
    6 week period after delivery
  33. puerpera
    woman whom has just given birth
  34. pyloric stenosis
    narrowing of the pyloric sphinctor
  35. orrhexis
  36. orrhea
    exessive flow or discharge
  37. orrhagia
    rapid flow of blood
  38. orraphy
    suturing of repairing
  39. tocia
  40. dystocia
    painful labor
  41. embryotocia
  42. abortion
    termination of birth
  43. lochia
    vaginal discharge for 6 weeks after birth
  44. meconium
    incision of vulva
  45. preeclampsia
    HPB edema protein in urine
  46. eclampsia
    HBP edema protein in urine and convulsions and coma
  47. abruptio placentae
    premature separation of placenta
  48. placenta previa
    implant to low to cervix
  49. erythroblastosis fetalis
    incompatability with the babies blood type
  50. breech birth
    baby is backwards
  51. cleft lip and palate
    split lip/palate
  52. spina bifida
    congenial defect of the vertabral column
  53. RDS
    respiratory distress syndrome
  54. OB
  55. L&D
    labor and delivery
  56. pp
    post partum
  57. NB
    new born
  58. CPD
    cephalopelvic disproportion
  59. EP
    ectopic pregnancy
  60. FHT
    fetal heart tones
  61. pg 366 #1
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