Italian 42B: Sweet Hope Characters

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  1. Serafin Pascala
    patriarch of the Pascala family, husband of Amalia honest man working to pull his family out of poverty and essential slavery
  2. Amalia Pascala
    wife of Serafin, mother of Angelina/Osvaldo/Isolalongs for her homeland, resentful of her husband for being foolish enough to bring the family to Sweet Hope
  3. Angelina Pascala
    (14 yrs old) oldest child of Serafin & Amalia, in love with Calvin Hall, becomes pregnant with his childobject of lust for plantation manager Lee Horton
  4. Osvaldo Pascala
    • son of Amalia and Serafin, obsessed with tinkering/building contraptions esp. his flying machine
    • -inadvertently kills Lee Horton, struck by lightening
  5. Isola Pascala
    youngest child of Serafin & Amalia, friends with Birdie, potentially lesbian?
  6. Step Hall
    patriarch of the Hall family, married to Fancy middleman btwn plantation management and IT workers
  7. Fancy Hall
    wife of Step, mother of Calvin, Tobe, Birdiehard but kind woman, takes the IT women and children under her wing
  8. Calvin Hall
    eldest son of Step & Fancy, works at the lumber millfalls in love, impregnates Angelina
  9. Tobe Hall
    middle child of Step & Fancy, friends with Osvalo, saved from drowning in the river by Serafin
  10. Birdie Hall
    youngest, daughter of Step & Fancy, friends with Isola but has her eye on a boy her age
  11. Lazzaro
    Italian friend of Serafin's on Sweet Hopetries to jump contract, but is captured and punished
  12. Fiorenza
    wife of Lazzaro, Amalia's best friend
  13. La Vecchia
    mother of Fiorenza, very old and senile
  14. Fred Titus
    Step Hall's friend, married to Lud father of Lecie, JoeJack
  15. Lud Titus
    wife of Fred, mother of JoeJack, Lecie
  16. JoeJack Titus
    nearly grown son of Fred & Lud, yearning to be treated as an adultworks in lumber mill
  17. Lecie Titus
    daughter of Fred & Lud, very quiet raped by, bears child of Lee Horton
  18. Harlan Gates
    absent owner of Sweet Hope plantation who's simultaneously running for US Senatorial seat seemingly benevolent, but really only cares about profit, reputation, his political aspiration
  19. Lee Horton
    wicked, racist plantation manager under Lee Hortonrapes Lecie Titus, after Angelina, kills Calvin as revenge for his and his father's supposed insolence
  20. Father Odetti
    Catholic priest hired to attend to the Italian's spiritual needs, initially just a puppet of the white managementfinally realizes the suffering of his congregation, attempts to help them win the trial against Lee Horton
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