Italian 42B: Ask the Dusk characters

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  1. Arturo Bandini
    eccentric protagonist of the novel, Italian American born in Colorado, moved to LA (Bunker Hill) to pursue a career in writing during the Depressionin love with Camilla Lopez, struggling to discern his place in America
  2. Camilla Lopez
    Mayan American, waitress at Columbia Buffethooked on weed and Sammy the Bartender
  3. Vera Rivken
    house keeper for a rich Jewish family in Long Beach, Arturo sleeps with her desperate for love after her husband left her, has deep scars on her body
  4. Sammy the Bartender
    gets a ride (to Santa Ana Desert) from Camilla every night after work at the Columbia Buffet, has TBwants to be a writer, but only for the money
  5. Mr. Hellfrick
    old alcoholic that lives in Arturo's apartment building, in debt to Arturoatheist, retired from army, friends with milkman
  6. JC Hackmuth
    editor whom Arturo idolizes, publishes Arturo's stories, letters
  7. Mrs. Hargraves
    old woman who owns the Alta Loma Hotel (doesn't allow Jews, Mexicans)husband Bert died 30 yrs ago
  8. Willie
    the dog that arturo buys for Camilla
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