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  1. the force that is exerted on you by the weight of tiny particles of air
    air pressure
  2. low pressure system usually bring... what kind of days?
    cloud and rainy days
  3. in the northern hemisphere, a low-pressure system forces winds to spiral _____.
  4. when air rises, why does it cool?
    because the atmosphere gets colder as altitude increases
  5. high pressure systems usually bring.... what kind of days?
    sunny days
  6. in the northern hemisphere, high pressure sysrem winds spiral _____, mocinf from the cental outward.
  7. what do meteorologists measure air pressure with?
  8. land warms and cools ____ than oceans or lakes. It takes __x more heat to warm one gram of water compared to one gram of soil.
  9. at night time, because the ocean's temperature doesnt change very quickly, coastal tempuratures are ___.
  10. tempurature is measured with what tool?
  11. why does wind move??
    because there are differenced in air pressure, so wind works to balance pressures
  12. from which pressure does air blow from?
    high pressure
  13. what does winf carry with them?
  14. what are upper-level winds called? and what do they move? and from which direction does it move it from.?
    jet streams.. weather.. west to east
  15. what is wind speed measured with?
  16. what is wind direction measured with?
    wind vane
  17. the percentage of water vapor in the air relative to the maximum amount that could be present
      relative humidity
  18. when the air, reaches 100% relative humidity , what do you have?
    liquid water
  19. the warmer the air is, the more ___ ___ it is able to hold.
    water vapor
  20. when no water vapor is present, what is the relative humidity percent? but it never gets this low on earth. even in planet's desert, the relative humidity is always at ___%
    0%. 1%
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