Unit 4 Gravity

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  1. What does force depend on 
    upon? 2 things
    force depends both upon mass a thing has and upon how much acceleration you want it to go .
  2. What is speed measured in
    meters per second
  3. what is acceleration measured in
    meters per second per second
  4. Who was puzzled by things falling down
    Issac Newton
  5. What did Newton realize?
    all objects are attractive towards another
  6. What is the approximate rate of acceleration at which things fall?
    10 m/s2
  7. What must you do when you hold the apple? and what do we call this force needed
    balanced gravity force. called support force
  8. Why does it see like all things are attracted to the Earth ?
    because earth is big enough
  9. define the term vacuum
    is a condition where there is no air
  10. What does gravity depend on ?
    depend on the mass of the object and the distance between them
  11. Tell the difference between mass and weight
    • Mass is the amount of matter in an object. 
    • Weight is the measure of the gravitational force between two objects
  12. What is gravity
    is an attractive force between two objects
  13. What is the gravitational force between two masses m and m.
    is proportional to the product of the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance r between them
  14. When does gravity get weak
    gets weaker with distance
  15. what does the number G in the formula 
    W=mg and how do you measure G
    is a constant of nature that indicates how strong the gravitational force is. 

    To measure G, you would have to perform an experiment to measure the attraction between two known masses.
  16. What does the moon fall slower than an earth ground apple.
    the effect of this inverse square is the tide, the twice daily rise and fall of ocean water
  17. What do tides occur?
    because gravity gets weaker with distance
  18. What is the unit of mass
  19. What unit do we measure weight in
  20. What are the four basic forces?
    • gravity 
    • electromagnetism 
    • the subatomic weak force
    • the strong nucleus holding the atomic nucleus together
  21. define electromagnetism
    the attraction & repulsion of electrically charged bodies
  22. What one of the four basic forces do we feel
  23. When you push the wall and it pushes back what are you feeling
    electric repulsion between atoms.
  24. When gravity act alone what are you in
    free fall where you feel no force
  25. What is the gravitational force on people
    your weight
  26. What can you do to weight less
    • go on a diet
    • be on the moon
    • farther from the earth up on the roof and you would weight less
  27. how does weight vary
    • according to where you are in deep space
    • your weight might be zero, but your mass is the same wherever you go
  28. what is the force earth exerts on you
  29. what does mass measure
    • how much gravity it exerts on other objects 
    • how much it resists acceleration 
    • how much inertia it has
  30. A question of inertia is really a question of what
  31. how do mass and inertia relate
    the more mass the more inertia
  32. does mass depend on volume
  33. what is mass measured in
  34. is mass affected by gravity
  35. how does mass and weight relate
    are directly proportional to each other . if one doubles the other doubles
  36. what law tells us how to convert between mass and weight
    newtons 2nd law F=ma
  37. Can you ever be truly weightless
    no . No matter where you go there is always gravity
  38. The feeling of weightless is due to the fact that you are in
    free fall
  39. What is gravity
    is the attraction of one object to another
  40. When does gravity occur
    when molecules of one object pull on molecules of another object
  41. Where does gravity pulls things
    pull things together toward the center
  42. What kinds of object have gravity
    anything with mass has gravitational pull/force
  43. What is the universal law of gravitation
    all objects in universe experience gravitational attraction
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