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  1. what is a bruit?
    an abnormal heart sound
  2. what is a gallop?
    an abnormal heart sound that mimics a horse
  3. what is a intracardiac electrophysiological study?
    uses a catheter-guided electrode to evaluate the map the electrical conduction of cardiac arrhythmias
  4. what is intracardiac catheter ablation?
    use of radio frequency waves sent through a cathetor to destroy myocardial tissue that creates abnormal electrical pathways
  5. what is ejection fraction?
    the measurement of the volume of stuff is projected out of the left ventricle
  6. What is an echocardiography (ECHO)?
    recording sound wves th rough the heart to evaluate structure
  7. What is a stress echocardiogram?
    echocardiogram of the heart during physical exercise
  8. What is a doppler sonography?
    an ultrasound technique used to evaluate blood flow to check for a DVT
  9. what is an angiography?
    an x-ray of a blood vessel after injection of contrast medium
  10. what is a coronary angiogram?
    an x-ray of the blood vessels of the heart
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