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  1. what is a coronary artery bypass graft? (CABG)
    taking a part of a different vein to bypass a clott
  2. what is an anastomosis?
    joining of two blood vessels
  3. what is an endarterectomy?
    gutting a clogged artery or vein.
  4. what is a transmyocardial revascularization (TMR)?
    a laser technique used to open channels in the heart to restore blood flow
  5. what is a percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty?
    treating a coronary artery by inserting a speacialized catheter with a balloon then inflating the baloon to dilate and open the vessel.
  6. what is cardio version?
    termination of tachycardia by medicine or electrical shocks
  7. what is antiangina?
    a drug that dilates coronary arteries
  8. what is a cardiotonic?
    a drug that increases the force of contractions int he heart
  9. what is a diuretic?
    a drug that increases the secretion of urine
  10. what is a hypolipidemic?
    a drug that reduces serum fat and cholesterol
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