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  1. what is arteriosclerosis?
    hardening of the arterial walls
  2. what is atherosclerosis?
    buildup of fatty substances within the walls of the arteries
  3. what is atheromatous plaque?
    a swollen area within the lining of an artery caused by the buildup of fat
  4. What is thrombus?
    a blood clot
  5. What is embolus?
    a clot caused by air fat or a foreign object carried to the spot
  6. what is stenosis?
    condition of narrowing of a part
  7. what is ischemia?
    • to hold back blood
    • decreased flow
  8. what is infarct?
    • to stuff
    • death to a localized area due to lack of blood
  9. what is angina pectoris?
    chest pain caused by temporary loss of o2 blood to heart muscle
  10. what is an aneurysm?
    bulging of the wall in any vessel of muscle
  11. what is claudication?
    • to limp
    • pain in the limb due to lack of blood supply
    • leg fell asleep
  12. what is diaphoresis?
    profuse sweating
  13. what is a heart murmur?
    • abnormal sounds from the heart
    • caused by defects in the chambers or valves
  14. what is palpitation?
    experience of pounding, skipping, or racing heartbeats
  15. what is vegetation?
    • to grow;
    • abnormal growth of tissue around a valve
    • usually caused by an infection
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