Hackman Exam 3

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  1. What do you have to worry about with Chinese?
    Offer pain meds more than once.
  2. What would you expect with an arab woman?
    voicing their pain
  3. What would you expect with the japanese?
    stoic. but my request pain meds
  4. what would you expect when working with a southeast asian giving birth?
    handle a lot of pain before asking for meds
  5. how to hispanics deal with pain?
    stoic until late in labor. then voice and needs meds
  6. how do native americans handle labor?
    medicinal herbs. stoic.
  7. how to black people handle pain in labor?
    voice. openly.
  8. 1st stage of labor. what kind of pain can they feel? visceral or reffered?
  9. What kind pain do they feel in the second stage?
    somatic pain.
  10. describe somatic pain
    sharp, burning, localized
  11. what was grantly dick reed's fear tension pain syndrome theory?
    he said that the fear that women have for labor will cause the muscles to contract, interfering with labor, thus making pain.
  12. what are lamaze?
    breathing exercising to cope with contractions
  13. what is the bradley prep method?
    husband coached
  14. how to analgesics relieve pain?
    allows you to handle more pain
  15. how to anesthetics work to relieve pain?
    blocks the pain receptors
  16. what is secobarital?
    barbituate that makes you sleep.
  17. what is pentobarbital?
    barbituate. makes you sleep like before a surgery
  18. what are some SE for the baby when the mother is taking barbituates?
    decreases ability to suck
  19. what might a mother be on phenergan for?
    helps reduce anxiety before or after labor
  20. what might a mother be on visteril? what is the SE for babies?
    given in the early stages of labor. adjunct for pain. sedative. 

    babies can have cardiopulmonary sedation
  21. what is normally given to counter-cat morphine and it's SE (resp. depression)
  22. what is the pudenal block?
    anesthesia is injected into the pudenal nerves by the spine resulting in pain relief in the vaginal area.
  23. what drugs are used for general anesthesia?
    pentothal or anectine
  24. what dangers does maternal opiods do to the baby?
    it crosses the blood brain barrier. baby less alert, the suck reflex decreases.
  25. what stage would you give a spinal block?
  26. what stage would you give an epidural?
    first active stage
  27. what stage would you give a prudenal block?
  28. what stage would you give local infiltration?
  29. what's the only drug you give in the first active stage?
  30. what is the most effective pain management during labor?
    epidural anesthesia and analgesia
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