Hackman Exam 3

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  1. What does PROM, SROM, AROM stand for?
    premature rupture of membrane, spontaneous, artificial
  2. what does normal amniotic fluid look like?
    clear like a straw
  3. what normal amniotic fluid smell like?
    the ocean. if not, infection?
  4. what does normal amniotic fluid feel like?
    watery. if thick, baby might have had trouble breathing
  5. what if the woman came in with irregular contractions? false or true labor sign?
  6. you got a woman that cx stop when walking. false or true sign of labor?
  7. if the woman complains of lower pain below the navel, false labor sign?
    true labor sign
  8. how do you assess the woman to see if they're in labor?
    cx, cervix, fetus.

    are the contractions irregular? stop when walking?

    cervix dilating at all?

    fetus presenting?
  9. what is the ritgen maneuver?
    where the support the perineum and ease the baby out.
  10. what is the furguson reflex?
    urge to bear down

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