Chapter 5

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  1. Strategy Execution
    Execution is put into action. 

    A key to effective execution is alignment.
  2. Goal
    Is a desired future state that the organization wants to realize.
  3. Planning
    is the act of determining goals and defining the means for achieving them.
  4. A Plan
    A plan is a blueprint specifying the resource allocations, schedules,and other actions necessary for attaining goals.
  5. The Formal Mission Statement
    The formal mission statement is a broadly stated definition of purpose that distinguishes the organization from others of a similar type.
  6. Mission
    At the top of the goal hierarcy is the mission -the organizations reason for existence. The mission describes the organizations values,aspirations, and reason for being.
  7. Strategic goals
    Sometimes called official goals,are broad statements describing where the organization wants to be in the future. These goals pertain to the organization as a whole rather than to specific divisions or departments.
  8. Strategic Plans
    Define the action steps by which the company intends to attain strategic goals. The strategic plan is the blueprint that defines the organizational activities and resource allocations.
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