Chm1033L Module 6 Solutions, dialysis & electrolytes

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  1. Solution
    mixtures composed of a solvent and a solute
  2. Colloid
    large particles are present in the solution (particles reflect light passing through) "Fog"
  3. semipermeable membrane
    A porous membrane with very tiny holes
  4. dialysis
    the flow of solute from a more concentrated solution to a less concentrated solution through a semipermeable membrane along with small particles
  5. hemodialysis
    process which separates waste products from blood
  6. osmosis
    the flow of solvent from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated solution to a semi permeable membrane
  7. isotonic solution
    a solution having the same osmotic pressure as blood & 5% glucose & .09% NaCl
  8. hypotonic solution
    solution which has a lower osmotic pressure than blood. (lower % of glucose or NaCl, causing crenation)
  9. hypertonic solution
    solution which has a higher automatic pressure than blood (higher % of glucose or NaCl causing hemolysis)
  10. Crenation
    the contraction of a cell after exposure to a hypertonic solution
  11. Hemolysis
    the rupturing of red blood cells in the release of their contents
  12. electrolyte
    electrolytes conduct electricity by separating into ions when dissolved in water
  13. Test for glucose
    • Benedicts solution
    • Turns orange
  14. Test from starch
    • Iodine reagent
    • Turns purple/black
  15. When testing dialysate solution from dialysis bag, what should be present?
    • Chlorine & glucose.
    • Starch particles are too large to pass through the bag.
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