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  1. What was the cost caused for shipping companies by piracy in 2010?
    $12 billion
  2. How long has Somalia been without an effective central government (last was President Siad Barre)?
  3. In 2011, the plight of the Somali people was exacerbated by the worst drought in six decades, which left...
    millions of people on the verge of starvation
  4. In 2011, pirates earned on average
    $4.8million per ship
  5. How many pirates are operating in Somali waters?
  6. Somali pirates are now using hijacked merchant ships as mother ships to carry out attacks where?
    •the north Arabian Sea and near the coastline of India, more than 1500 nautical miles from Somalia
  7. How many pirates have been captured and are going through legal process in various countries?
  8. What is the best defense against piracy?
    Traveling faster that 18 knots
  9. What are some other ways of defense against piracy?
    • -dummies
    • -enhanced bridge
    • -cctv
    • -barbed wire fence
    • -signage
    • -water cannons
    • -private security
  10. What are World Oil Transit Choke Points?
    • Suez Canal/Sumed Pipeline
    • Bab el-Mandab
    • Strait of Hormuz
    • Turkish Strait
    • Danish Strait
  11. Strait of Hormuz is responsible for what % of worlds seaborne oil shipments?
  12. In what year did U.S. Navy waged a one-day battle against Iranian forces in and around the strait?
    April 18, 1988
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