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  1. After 1967, there is an actual malice test for who?
    Public Figures. Before it was just public officials.
  2. A private person, but for the narrow purpose of a libel suit, it involves a situation is treated like a public figure.
    Limited-purpose public figure
  3. What 1974 case created the limited-purpose public figure category?
    Gertz v. Welch
  4. To be a limited purpose public figure, you must...
    • Voluntarily thrust yourself into public controversy
    • Try to influence the outcome
  5. What year did Jewell v. Atlanta Journal-Constitution take place?
  6. What is the decision in the Jewell v. Atlanta JC case?
    Court rules that what Atlantic JC printed was true. Jewell loses
  7. "Keyhole" journalism is an example of...
  8. What are three examples of intrusion?
    • 1. Newsgathering
    • 2. Possessing stolen property
    • 3. Trespass
  9. What year did Snyder v. Phelps take place?
  10. Who wins in Snyder v. Phelps?
    Supreme Court rules that Phelps' speech was protected.
  11. The publication of true but personal, intimate information
    Private facts
  12. What year did Showler v. Harper's Magazine take place?
  13. What was the ruling in Showler v. Harper's?
    Showler loses every step of the way. The funeral was opened up to many people
  14. The first cousin of libel
    False light
  15. What are three types of false light?
    • Embellishment
    • Distortion
    • Fictionalization
  16. What year did Solano v. Playgirl take place?
  17. What does fictionalization protect?
    People who are portrayed in movies. Usually the smaller characters
  18. Who wins in Solano v. Playgirl?
    Solano ultimately loses
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