US History Review Chapters 34-36

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  1. Eleanor Roosevelt
    Person known for helping poor & minorities
  2. Glass-Steagall Banking Act
    created FDIC
  3. Workers Progress Administration
    A relief program that gave jobs for unemployed & White-collar workers (Artists)
  4. Franklin Roosevelt
    1932 that promised bold new reform
  5. Social Security Act
    Reform program that provided help to the elderly & other groups
  6. Agricultural Adjustment Act
    Law aimed to reduce Farm surplus
  7. Civil Conservation Corps
    Most popular new deal program that provided work for young men
  8. National Recovery Administration
    Most complex New Deal program designed for all three R's (Relief, Recovery, and Reform) to assist industry, labor, & unemployed people
  9. Dust Bowl
    Caused by dry farming techniques, drought, & soil erosion
  10. 1932 Presidential Election
    Event in which African Americans became a vital part of the Democratic Party
  11. 21st Amendment
    Amendment that ended prohibition
  12. Public Work Administration
    A long term recovery & unemployment relief program; "pump-priming"
  13. Tennessee Valley Authority
    Most radical New Deal program, providing electricity & dams to a poor area (socialism)
  14. 20th Amendment
    Amendment that shortened time between the Presidential election and inauguration (Lame-Duck)
  15. Indian Reorganization Act
    Law that attempted to reverse forced assimilation (1880's Dawe's Act)
  16. California
    Dustbowlers went here
  17. Munich Pact
    Agreement that marked the appeasement between Britain and France
  18. Deficit Spending
    Economists believed it would cure the Depression
  19. Japanese-Americans
    The group most adversely affected by U.S. war policies
  20. China
    Japan believed they were forced into war by FDR insisting they evacuate here
  21. Great Britain
    1940: Americans began to provide many supplies here except war materials
  22. Non-Aggression Pact
    After Hitler signed this, he invaded Poland
  23. Lend-Lease Program
    Law that allowed the President to send war materials to Britain when France fell
  24. Conscription Law
    law that was passed immediately after the fall of France
  25. "Court-Packing" Scheme
    Shared FDR's desire to make Supreme Court more supportive of the New Deal program
  26. Good Neighbor Policy
    policy used by FDR to defend Latin America to help defend Western Hemisphere against dictators
  27. France
    Brought about effective end of neutrality
  28. Wagner Act
    Law giving labor right to enter into collective bargaining
  29. Europe
    Theater of warfare that U.S. decided to focus on first
  30. Malaya or Phillipines
    Sight where FDR believed more attacks by Japan would occur
  31. War Production Board
    Agency that established priorities for war materials
  32. Quarantine Speech
    Alarmed isolationists (FDR speech)
  33. Battle of Sicily
    After this, Mussolini resigned & Italy surrendered
  34. Battle of Atlantic
    Battle in which Allies made use of radar
  35. Island-Hopping
    Strategy used by U.S. to fight Japan
  36. Potsdam Conference
    Conference in which Japan was issued an ultimatum by U.S.
  37. Midway
    Turning point in Battle of Pacific
  38. National Debt
    Increased the most during WWII
  39. Battle of Leyte-Gulf
    Battle that marked the end of Japan's naval power
  40. War Labor Board
    Agency that imposed top limit on wage increases
  41. Northern Cities
    Location of heart of African American communities at end of the war
  42. Fair Employment Practices Commission
    Agency that ensured that no discrimination in war industries
  43. Battle of Coral Sea
    First naval battle in history in which all fighting was by aircraft
  44. Indians
    Group whose population moved significantly during war
  45. OFfice of Price Administraion
    Agency that controlled inflation by controlling goods (rations)
  46. Unconditional Surrender
    Policy that was modified to keep Hirohito on the throne
  47. Eisenhower
    Commander of Normandy Invasion
  48. Stalingrad
    Peak of Hitler's invasion
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