French Numbers/Colors/Time

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  1. What is 0 in French?
  2. What is 1 in French?
    un (uh)
  3. What is 2 in French?
    deux (duh)
  4. What is 3 in French?
    trois (twa)
  5. What is 4 in French?
    quatre (cot)
  6. What is 5 in French?
    cinq (sank)
  7. What is 6 in French?
    six (sees)
  8. What is 7 in French?
    sept (set)
  9. What is 8 in French?
    huit (wheat)
  10. What is 9 in French?
    neuf (nerf but really soft r)
  11. What is 10 in French?
    dix (dees)
  12. What is 11 in French?
    onze (ownz)
  13. What is 12 in French?
    deuze (dues)
  14. What is 13 in French?
    treze (trez)
  15. What is 14 in French?
    quatorze (cat toes)
  16. What is 15 in French?
    quinze (cans)
  17. What is 16 in French?
    seize (says)
  18. What is 17 in French?
    dix-sept (dees-set)
  19. What is 18 in French?
    dix-huit (dees-wheat)
  20. What is 19 in French?
    dix-neuf (dees-nerf)
  21. What is 20 in French?
    vingt (va (like a baby cry but with a v))
  22. What is 30 in French?
    trente (tront)
  23. What is 40 in French?
    quaronte (care ont)
  24. What is 50 in French?
    cinquante (sank ont)
  25. What is 60 in French?
    soixante (swoss ont)
  26. What is 70 in French?
    soixonte-dix (swoss ont- dees)
  27. What is 80 in French?
    quatre-vingt (quatraw van)
  28. What is 90 in French?
    quatre-vingt dix (quatraw- van dees)
  29. What is 100 in French?
    cent (sont)
  30. What is 1,000 in French?
    mille (meel)
  31. What is 6,284 in French?
    six mille, deux cent quatre-vingt quatre
  32. What is 56 in French?
  33. What is 71 in French?
  34. What is 907 in French?
    neuf cent sept
  35. Orange
  36. Red
  37. Yellow
  38. Blue
  39. Green
    Vert (not vert, vair)
  40. Brown
  41. Black
  42. White
  43. Pink
  44. Purple
  45. How do you tell time in France?
    • It is out of 24 hour hours. We have P.M.
    • Remember, if you see P.M. and you say it in France:
    • You have a PROBLEM
    • You MUST add twelve.
  46. What is 10:45 A.M. in French?
    onze heures moins quinze
  47. What is 10:45 P.M. in French?
    vingt-trois heurs moins quinze
  48. What is 8:24 A.M. in French?
    huit heures et vingt-quatre
  49. What is 6:49 A.M. in French?
    sept heures moins onze moins
  50. What is 2:15 P.M. in French?
    quatorze heures et quart
  51. What is 9:30 A.M. in French?
    neuf heures et trente
  52. What is noon?
    Il est midi
  53. What time is midnight?
    Il est minuit
  54. What does Quel heures est-il? mean?
    What time is it?
  55. What does Il est seize heures moins vingt-deux? mean?
    It is 3:38 P.M.
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