Paramedic school

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  1. What is first pass effect
    The medication pass through the GI tract the medication passess through the liver, may partially or completly inactivate many medications.
  2. Whats a medications Half life
    The time it takes a medication doasge to cut in half.
  3. 5 factors that effect medications response
    • Age
    • Body mass
    • Gender
    • Environmental milieu
    • Time of Administration
    • Pathologic state
    • genetic state
    • Psychological factors
  4. Name differance between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system
    • Sympathetic- Fight or flight, comes from the t1-L2 of the spinal cord
    • Parasympathetic- Rest and digest, from brain and sacarl portions of the spine.
  5. Name actions of Bata 1
    • Increase Heart rate
    • Increase contractile force
    • Increase automaticity
    • Peripheral vasodilation
  6. What is the differance between Efficacy and Affinty
    • Affinty-the tendency of a medication to combine with specific medication receptor
    • Efficacy-The power of a medication to produce a therapeutic effect
  7. What are the 6 rights of medication adminstration
    • Right
    •  patient
    •  medication
    •  dose
    •  route
    •  time
    •  documentation
  8. What are the 4 stages of medication development
    • Stage 1- Pre-clinical- find the medications pharacokinetics,tocicity and safe dose in humans
    • stage 2- Clinical research-Find the therapeutic levels and toxic levels
    • Stage 3-New drug application-refine therapeutic level and collect relvant data on side effects
    • Stage 4-Post marketing-voluntary, medication maker to monitor it's proformance
  9. What are neurotransmitters?
    • Acetylcholine- utilized the postganglionic and preganglionic nerves of the parasympathetic nervous system
    • Norepinephrine-Primary postganglionic neurotransmitter of the sympethetic nervous system
  10. What receptors are primarily responsable for parasympethetic respose
  11. Indicators for Endotacheal intubation
    • Respiratory or Cardiac arrest
    • Unconsciousness
    • Risk of aspiration
    • Obstruction do to foregin body
    • Respiratory extremis due to disease
    • Pneomothorax,hemothorax with respiratory difficulty
  12. What is strider
    Upper airway problem
  13. 4 phases of Pharmacokinetic
    • Absorption
    • distribution
    • Biotransformation
    • elimination
  14. 4 forms of modified breathing
    • Coughing
    • Sneezing
    • Hiccoujhing
    • sighing
    • grunting
  15. Made use and control of narcortics
    Comprehensive drug abuse prevention and control act of 1970
  16. Differance between Non depolarizing and deolarizing
    • Nondepolarizing agents block the uptake of acetycholine asb do not allow stimulation of the muscle. thus they do not produce fasciculations
    • Depolarizing- Succs most common paralytic agent for RSI
  17. Act of 1938
    Federal food,drug and cosmetic act. Truth in labeling
  18. What is Potentiation
    Enhancement of one medication's effects by another (barbiturates and alcohol)
  19.                L.E.M.O.N
    • Look
    • Evaluation 3-3-2
    • Mallenpati Score
    • Obstruction/obesity
    • Neck- no neck
  20.                       MOANS
    • Mask seal
    • Obesity
    • Age
    • No Neck or no teeth
    • Stiffness
  21. Esophageal intubation
    • Absence of chest rise and fall
    • Gurgling sounds over the epigastrium
    • Distention of the abdomen
    • absence of breath condensation in the tube
    • present leak, dispite inflation of tubes distal cuff
    • Cyanosis and progressive worsening of pt's condition
    • Phonation(noise made by the vocal cords)
    • No color change with colormetric detector
    • falling pulse oximetry rreading
  22. what is respiration
    Exhange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs at the cellular level
  23. Pharmacokinetics
    study of how medications enter the body, reach their site of action, and eventually become eliminated.
  24. Pharmacodynamics
    The study of a medications action on the body
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