SAT Vocabulary List 1

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  1. predetermine
    v. predestine; settle or decide beforehand; influence markedly
  2. imprudent
    adj. lacking caution; injudicious
  3. complaisant
    adj. trying to please; obliging
  4. xenophobia
    n. fear of foreigners
  5. defuse
    v. remove the fuse of a bomb
  6. meddlesome
    adj. interfering
  7. recession
    n. withdrawal; retreat; time of low economic activity
  8. coercion
    n. use of force to get someone to obey
  9. default
    n. failure to act
  10. circumscribe
    v. limit, to confine
  11. cipher
    n. nonentity; worthless person or thing
  12. catechism
    n. FAQ; Q&A; A book for religious instruction; instructoin by question and answer
  13. hedonist
    n. one who believes that pleasure is the sole aim in life
  14. debacle
    n. a sudden downfall; complete disaster
  15. camouflage
    v. disguise; conceal
  16. transgression
    n. violation of a law; sin
  17. discrepancy
    n. lack of consistency; difference
  18. coincidence
    n. two or more things occuring at the same time by chance
  19. perforate
    v. pierce; put a hole through
  20. militant
    adj. combative; bellicose
  21. dais
    n. raised platform for guests of honour
  22. tenuous
    adj. thin; rare; slim
  23. apparatus
    n. equipment
  24. apathy
    n. lack of caring; indifference
  25. sedate
    adj. composed; grave
  26. neopotism
    n. favouritism (to a relative)
  27. vernacular
    n. living language; natural style; native language
  28. wry
    adj. twisted; with a humorous twist
  29. impious
    adj. not showing respect or reverance (especially for a god)
  30. dynamic
    adj. energetic; vigorously active
  31. ironic
    adj. resulting in an unexpected and contrary outcome
  32. demean
    v. degrade; humiliate
  33. fraternize
    v. associate in a friendly way
  34. turncoat
    n. traiter
  35. esteem
    v. respect; value
  36. foresight
    n. ability to foresee future happenings; prudence
  37. humdrum
    adj. dull; monotonous
  38. pellucid
    adj. transparent; limpid; easy to understand
  39. sluggard
    n. lazy person
  40. promote
    v. help to flourish; advance in rank; publicize
  41. scenario
    n. plot outline; screenplay; opera libretto
  42. colloquial
    adj. pertaining to conversational or common speech
  43. agenda
    n. items of business at a meeting
  44. largess
    n. generous gift
  45. tether
    v. tie with a rope
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