Social class in Roman history

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  1. Romans also build new temples dedicated to...
    worship of imperial family, serving as constant reminders of source of benefactions the citizens of provinces enjoyed
  2. How did lower and middle class Romans communicate and realize their aspirations to higher social status through artistic monuments?
    -Many Romans devoted attention and expended great deal of money on their tombs, convinced that they would spend much more time in their tombs after their death than in their homes while still alive

    • -Relief from Amiternium depicts cortege in honor of deceased, complete with musicians,
    • professional female mourners who pull their hair in display of feigned grief, and the deceased’s wife and children

    -Freed slaves often used their tombs to advertise their new status in society through inscriptions describing themselves as “liberti” and dressed in toga that only free citizens could wear

    -Family portraits on their tombs presented deceased to posterity in way reminiscent of parade of ancestor makes at funerals of old aristocratic families.

    -Narrative reliefs on tombs of freedmen usually also are distinct in character from contemporary elite art and show little interest in Classicizing style Augustus and his successors favored
  3. Refer when possible to specific social categories and specific examples of monuments
    -Livia: portrait shows that imperial women of the Augustan age shared emperor’s eternal youthfulness

    -Tomb of Eurysaces: a former slave, built in his own honor of his wife

    -Relief of the Servilii: depicts 3 members of same freedman family, commemorates progress of Servilius family from slave to freedom to freeborn citizen

    -Via Statilia Relief: double portrait of married couple, projected message about bonds of marriage not broken by default
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