Roman portraiture

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  1. Roman portraiture is characterised by...
    unusual realism and the desire to convey images of nature in the high quality style
  2. Roman Republic
    -Influenced by Etruscans and Greeks

    -Portrait sculpture from the Republican era tends to be more modest, realistic, and natural

    -Augustus: portraits in how he wanted to look

    -Tiberius: closely modeled on those of Augustus, unmistakably depict a member of same imperial family

    -Claudius as Jupiter: depicted as youth, best portraits of him in guise of Jupiter with god’s eagle

    -Nero latest portraits: sensuousness and realistic depiction of textures of flesh and hair

    -Galba: depicted as older man, tough look that invoked values of Roman Republic

    -Vitellius: combines military style of Galba
  3. How did traditions change in the transition from the Republic to Empire
    -Occasionally portrayed bearded

    -The victor, Vespasian, founded a new dynasty, and the Flavians ruled the Roman Empire for a quarter century

    • -Vespasian revived the veristic imagery of the Republic, depicting him as an older man
    • with deep lines and a balding head

    -Vespasian was anti-Nero

    -Vitellius: depicted in statues as commander of army

    -Titus : depicted as man 40 years and slightly resembling his father as intended

    -Caligula: represent him as a young man, none give a hint of his reputed mental instability
  4. BUT women
    -Flavian Women: preferred to be represented as young and beautiful, portrait notable for elegance; embraced Republican values

    -Flavian Venus: older face on young perfect body

    • -Agrippina the Elder: example of preservation place the portrait in a class, perfectly
    • proportioned girlish face, even though older
  5. Where were portraits placed?
    -Augustus, with the gods, Chariots, Battles

    -In villas or forums for people to see

    -Entrance halls of houses reveal about family’s history & social & political position

    -In tombs for personal comfort
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