Chapter 2

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  1. Romans founded their 1st colony in late 4th Century BC at Ostia; they laid out new town using a....
    kind of grid plan that has been used earlier for Etruscan and Greek cities alike
  2. Ostia
    walled settlement with four gates at cardinal points
  3. Pompeii
    most famous Roman city
  4. Oscans
    Italian tribes that were the first to settle at Pompeii
  5. Samnites
    they expanded original settlement and gave monumental shape to city center and were responsible for erecting the Temple of Jupiter
  6. Pompeii forum
    lies in the southwest corner of expanded Roman city; city’s main temple
  7. Pompeii’s Capitolium
    standard Republican type
  8. Forum Baths
    occupied the entire insula and had separate entrances and bathing facilities
  9. Pompeii Theater
    used on occasion as a place of assembly and voting, its main purpose was to provide a locale for staging of plays
  10. Pompeii odium
    concert hall
  11. Pompeii amphitheater
    “double theater”, resemble two Greek theaters, series of shallow concrete barrel vaults forms a giant retaining wall that supports the earthen mound and stone seats
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