Chapter 3

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  1. Domus Italica
    well-structured with many rooms of clearly defined function
  2. Etruscan Houses
    “house of the dead”, trace the origin of Republican domus
  3. House of Sallust
    exhibits all the features of the Republican domus italic
  4. Hellenized Domus
    Statues displayed there were copies of or variations on Greek masterpieces
  5. House of the Vettii
    One of the best preserved houses of this later type at Pompeii
  6. House of the Faun
    main atrium is of traditional Tuscan, Second atrium was for private use of family, many floors were paved with figural mosaics
  7. House of the Labyrinth
    large private residence that takes its modern nickname from floor mosaic depicting Greek hero Theseus
  8. Suburban Villas
    private homes with expansive grounds located in towns like Pompeii
  9. House of the Griffins
    discovered when excavators explored the substructures of the palace, owes its name to the painted stucco relief griffins in one of the rooms
  10. Dionysiac Mysteries
    focus of an unofficial mystery religion popular in Italy at this time among women, Roman Second Style
  11. Linear perspective
    favored tool of Second Style painters seeking to transform usually windowless walls of Roman houses into “picture-window” vistas
  12. Odyssey Landscapes
    standard subject for Republican mural painting, epitomize Republican art in their simultaneous dependence on and independence from Greek prototypes
  13. Oldest houses at Pompeii are...
    domus italic type and conform closely to Etruscan prototypes
  14. The earliest mural painters, working in the “First Style”, followed the...
    Greek practice of using painted stucco relief to make walls appear as if they were revetted with marble
  15. Second Style painted pursued had a different goal
    cover the walls with illusionistic paintings of figures, architecture, and landscapes that made the walls seem to disappear
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