Chapter 4

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  1. Flamininus
    a hero in Greece when he liberated old city states from Macedonian rule in 197 BC

    portrait is stylistically in Hellenistic tradition
  2. Eclecticism
    remained a central feature of Roman art throughout its long history
  3. “Altar of Domitus Ahenobarbus”
    example of eclecticism in sculpture, three sides of base were covered with reliefs depicting the wedding procession of sea god Neptune and his bride Amphitrite
  4. Ancestor portraits separated the old patrician families from ____, and former slaves from ___
    middle and lower class of working citizens

    newly wealthy and powerful of more modest origins
  5. Man with Ancestor Busts
    reproductions of wax or terracotta portraits
  6. Republican Verism
    designed to convey those elements of character that patrician class valued most highly
  7. Aulus Metellus
    portrait a self-confident image of magistrate with close-cropped hair and first signs of aging in his lined face
  8. “Pseudo-Athlete”
    Polykleitan Diadoumenos

    incorporates all the trappings of Greek statuary of Polykleitan original
  9. Tivoli General
    head sits atop a powerful, youthful, almost nude body, evokes notion of patrician cultural superiority
  10. Pompey the Great
    full head of hair that’s combed to form an arc over center of his forehead
  11. Julius Caesar
    portrait has receding hairline, less remarkable for its character than for its choice as a coin type
  12. Forum Iulium
    Forum of Caesar

    has symmetry and regularity of Republican fora outside capital

    dedicated to Venus Genetrix
  13. Julius Ceasar was murdered, plunged Roman world into
    civil war that lasted for 13 years
  14. Roman had their own sculpting traditions
    carving of veristic portraits that celebrated the virtuous character of the patrician class
  15. eclectic portraits can be seen as parallels to...
    distinctively Roman
  16. Pompey built a grandiose theater that was...
    city’s first permanent entertainment center
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