New Deal Programs

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  1. What was the Emergency Banking Act?
    • FDR closed all the banks( Banking Holiday March 6-10)
    • Only sound banks allowed to reopen
  2. What was the CCC, Civil Conservation Corps?
    • gave jobs to young men on conservation projects
    • most popular new deal program
  3. What was the FERA, Federal Emergency Relief Act?
    • provided immediate relief
    • opposed because it was a handout
  4. What was the AAA, agricultural Adjustment Act?
    • Gave money to farmers to pay mortagages and subsidized them not to grow crops
    • declared uncontitional
  5. What was the TVA, Tennessee Valley Authority?
    • Built Dams and provided low cost electricity in Tennessee Valley 
    • most controversial new deal program
  6. What was the HOLC, Home Owners Refinancing Corp.?
    helped non-farmers pay mortgages
  7. What was the FDIC, Federal deposit Insurance Corporation?
    Insured individual bank deposits up to 5,000
  8. What was the NIRA, National Industrial Recovery Act?
    set up the NRA and PWA
  9. What was the PWA, Public Works Administration?
    Put people to work buliding public facilities including schools, hospitals, roads, dams, etc.
  10. What was the NRA, National recovery act?
    • promoted recovery in industry
    • declared unconstitutional
  11. What was the SEC, securities and exchange Commission?
    regulates the buying and selling of stocks
  12. What is the WPA,Works Progress Administration?
    more public works plus jobs for writers, artists  musicians etc.
  13. What is the Wagner Act?
    • set up nation labor relations board to deal with labor disputes
    • collective bargining
  14. What was the Social Security Act?
    Provided pensions for elderly, widows, orphans,, and disabled
  15. What is the Fair Labor Standards Act?
    set maximum hours, minimum wages, and outlawed child labor
  16. What is the Rural Electrification Act?
    provided electrical power to rural areas
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