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  1. Muscle Terminology
  2. One of the four basic tissues of the body.
  3. Skeletal
    The muscle we eat and treat
  4. Cardiac
    Only in the heart
  5. Smooth
    Composing system of no control
  6. Myo
    Refers to muscle generally
  7. Sarco
    More specifically refers to muscle cells
  8. Myology
    Study of muscles
  9. Sarcoplasm
    At the cellular level, the cyptolasm of a muscle cell
  10. Atrophy
    Decreases in size
  11. Hypertrophy
    Increases in size
  12. Hyperplasia
    Increases in number
  13. Metaplasia
    Changes shape
  14. Striated
    Name comes from microscopic appearance. Skeletal muscles are striped (striated), alternating crosswise dark and light bands that run the length of each cell.
  15. Aponeuroses
    Broad sheets of fibrous connective tissue that connect muscles to bones or other muscles
  16. Tendons
    Tough, fibrous connective tissue bands that connect both ends of the muscle to a bone
  17. Linea Alba
    Prominent aponeurosis that runs lengthwise between the muscles on the animal's ventral midline
  18. Origin
    The proximal attachment of a muscle. The more fixed end of the muscle
  19. Insertion
    The distal attachment of a muscle. Undergoes most of the movement when the muscle contracts.
  20. Action
    When stimulated by a nerve impulse, a muscle contracts (shortens). By pulling on its attachment sites (origin and insertion), the contraction of a muscle produces movement of bone and other structures
  21. Prime Mover (agonist)
    Used to describe a muscle or muscle group that directly produces a desired outcome
  22. Antagonist
    Muscle or muscle group that directly opposed the action of a prime mover (agonist). Ex: Biceps and Triceps
  23. Synergist
    A muscle that contracts at the same time as a prime mover and assists it in carrying out its action
  24. Fixator
    Muscle that stabilizes joints to allow other movements to take place. IE. muscles that flex the digit also can flex the carpus
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