Chapter 5

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  1. The ____ record provides host name–to–IP address resolution for DNS clients.
    host (A)
  2. A ____ consists of a collection of connected nodes served by an authoritative DNS name server.
    DNS zone
  3. The ____ is the DNS domain that is appended to all unqualified name queries, or a query that contains only a host name.
    DNS suffix
  4. A(n) ____ represents the entire name for a specific host, or the DNS name, that needs to have a DNS record created.
    fully qualified domain name
  5. ____ is the industry standard of DNS servers on the Internet and networks running DNS on UNIX/Linux systems.
  6. A ____ is the zone that is authoritative for a specific domain and its name records.
    primary DNS zone
  7. ____ are classified in three ways: the information they store, where they are stored, and their read/write status.
    DNS zones
  8. ____ are queries where the client requires an answer from its DNS server.
    Recursive queries
  9. ____ provide IP address pointers to top-level DNS servers and are kept current on the computer via Microsoft Update.
    Root hints
  10. The backbone of the DNS structure is the concept of ____.
    DNS namespace
  11. DNS is supported on the Internet by thousands of ____ that maintain all the records necessary for name resolution.
    DNS servers
  12. A ____ is a read-only copy of a zone that obtains its resource records from the name servers that are authoritative for a particular zone.
    stub zone
  13. A ____ identifies a DNS server that is authoritative for a zone.
    name server
  14. Listed at the top of the zone file, the ____ record is the starting point for information related to a zone.
    Start of Authority
  15. ____ performs the opposite action of a forward lookup zone. It maps IP addresses to host names.
    Reverse lookup DNS zones
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