Chapter 6

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  1. A(n) ____ is used by AD DS for storing all of the AD objects and information about your network environment.
  2. At the ____ level, you can make configuration changes that are server specific. You can also perform maintenance tasks for a specific server.
    DNS server
  3. ____ is Microsoft’s implementation of a directory services infrastructure.
    AD DS
  4. NetBIOS names are limited to ____ characters.
  5. The ____ is the length of time records wait before they can refresh their time stamp.
    No-refresh interval
  6. Prior to the proliferation of DNS usage with Windows 2000, ____ was the naming convention of choice for Windows nodes.
  7. The ____ log file is set to a default size of 16,384 KB, though you can increase the size in increments of 64 KB.
    DNS Events
  8. ____ is an excellent command-line tool for performing configuration and maintenance tasks on a DNS server.
  9. ____ instructs a DNS server to forward nonauthoritative queries for a specific nonhosted domain, such as, to a specific DNS server or servers.
    Conditional forwarding
  10. In ____, the DNS database is stored in AD, and DNS replication occurs through the normal AD replication process.
    Active Directory–integrated DNS
  11. ____ instructs a DNS server to forward all queries for DNS domains not hosted on a server to another server or servers
    Standard forwarding
  12. The ____ command deletes all DNS query responses that have been cached on the local DNS client.
    ipconfig /flushdns
  13. The ____ command forces registration or refresh of a DNS client’s DNS records on the server specified as the Preferred DNS server.
    ipconfig /registerdns
  14. The ____ is the length of time after a record can refresh that it is determined to be stale and scavenging can begin
    Refresh interval
  15. ____ are designed to limit the replication traffic across wide area network (WAN) links, as this traffic can affect performance for clients and users.
    AD DS sites
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