BIO Stat Wk 10

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  1. Between-blocks factor
    For an experiment that includes physical blocks, a between block factor is a factor whose value is fixed within any one block so that it only varies between blocks
  2. Pseudoreplication
    An analysis suffers from this if a between blocks factor is tested against an estimate of the within block error variance. This reflects an improper analysis not necessarily a poor experimental design.
  3. Nested factors
    Factor B is nested under factor A if each level of factor B is found in combination with only one level of factor A
  4. Split plot design
    An experimental design that includes physical blocks and has both a within-block (sub-plot) factor and a between-block (main-plot) factor.
  5. Completely Randomized split plot design
    Is a split-plot design in which all main plots are randomized across all physical blocks.
  6. Repeated measures design
    An experimental design in which the response variable is measured more than once on each experimental unit.
  7. Spit-plot design with randomized complete blocks
    A split plot design in which physical blocks are divided into as many sub blocks as three are levels to the main plot factor.
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